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Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forums so sorry if this isn't in the right thread. I did some searches on Google to try and find and answer, but I'd figure I'd get an answer on here to confirm everything.

So I have the Acer 5745g-7671. To give you the low down, it has the i3-370m. It also has the GT420m with Optimus, so it does that graphics switching. I've upgraded pretty much everything else on the laptop that is upgrade capable.

I'm now looking at buying a new CPU since a new laptop really isn't feasible, and my desktop basically went out of service for good. So my two options that I'm looking at are the i7-740QM and the i7-820QM, and they should be compatible with the HM55. I know a couple other 5745g have i7s in them, so I'm not too worried about compatibility.

My first question is, what am I to expect with the change in Max TDP? Intel claims the Max TDP is 35W for the i3-370m, while CPU-Z states that it's only 25W. Both i7s have a Max TDP rating of 45W.

My second question is, if I do choose to go with the 820QM, what will happen to the graphics on my laptop? The laptop uses Optimus, so I'm not sure what is going to happen if I completely eliminate the Intel HD graphics.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. It would seem the only way to find out is to try, in this case.
    For the TDP value, go with Intel's number. They made it, they know better.
    Have you done anything to upgrade your laptop's cooling? Because 10 watts is pretty significant for a laptop.
    To my knowledge, Optimus and Intel Graphics play nice with each other.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply.

    Besides regular cleaning, there is nothing I have done. However I have felt that heat has not become really much an issue. I figured with the wattage increase it would have some effect, but I don't know if there's a different cooling system I can install for this particular laptop.

    My issue with the graphics though was, if the NVIDIA is using Optimus, what happens if I remove the integrated graphics completely? That'll be the trade-off with using the 800 series.
  3. I don't know of any way to add extra cooling to a laptop either.

    Your battery life will suffer because your discrete graphics card will always be running if you go with the 800 series.
    Essentially, no Optimus.
  4. As long as the video will still work that's all the matters to me! The plan was to turn my laptop into a portable desktop anyways.

    I think I may end up going with a cooling pad just to disperse some of the heat. Know it's probably not the best long-term solution but it'll work for me as a temporary solution.
  5. Yeah that sounds good
    If you don't use your disc drive much, take it out. It could help with airflow, depending on how your laptop is designed. Mine fell out, but I never bothered to put it back in because it makes my behemoth of a 17" laptop lighter and cooler.
  6. What a nightmare that "upgrade" was...

    First off as soon as I put the new CPU in the laptop would power up for a second then shut off. I figured maybe their was a loose cable or something was not connecting right. Nothing worked until I put the original processor back in, then it booted up just fine. So now I'm trying to figure what's going on.

    Second off, now the CPU fan doesn't work. Luckily the cooling pad is helping, but not by much. Now I have to buy a new one because CPU temps are reaching into the 60-65C range. I did get to put some new thermal paste on the CPU and GPU assembly.

    Third off, I broke the keyboard because I got a bit too tough with it. Now using an external keyboard. Looks like I now need to buy a new keyboard as well.

    So now I have to figure out the deal with the CPU. Maybe because the fan is busted that the laptop isn't posting at all? Maybe 45W is too much power vs the "25W" with? Maybe the CPU itself is DOA?

    Keep you posted on this fun upgrade. :??:
  7. kshitijmd said:
    I don't know of any way to add extra cooling to a laptop either.

    Well, if you are really skilful, you can add fatter copper pipe and get a 12v fan and connect it to external power source. But it is definitely not worth it for laptop of this tier.

    Also, drilling holes on the right place can improve air flow.

    Anonymous said:
    45W is too much power vs the "25W" with?

    Go to the Acer site and see if there are any laptop of the same model with different part configuration using 45w i7.
  8. There is an Acer 5745g using the i7-720QM. I'm going to see if I can refund the chip I just bought, and then I'll pick up the 720QM and try my luck with that. It is a 45W mobile proc, so I'll try my luck with that.

    If the 720QM doesn't work, then I figure it's no coincidence and my board just can't handle a 45W processor. There is a 5745g that uses the i7-620m, and that's a 35W with integrated graphics.

    The whole point of this was to eliminate Optimus completely. The cooling pad was actually working for the most part however, so temps aren't much of a concern.

    I appreciate the responses so far! Hopefully I can get an upgrade that works though.
  9. Did it work?
  10. Shauryya said:
    Did it work?

    Nope. The CPU I ended up getting was a dud, didn't really want to try with a similar listing.
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