CPU clock disparity

Hello all

Please forgive for my ignorance, but I dont know what to make of this discrepancy:

On cpu-id it shows my core speed as 1995 MHz.
On Tmonitor (From CPUID) it shows each core @ 1197 MHz (2 cores)

I have an i7 L620 @2.0 GHz running windows 7
lenovo x201tablet
My CPUID software is up to date
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  1. I think Tmonitor is showing your processor idling.
  2. Thats what I thought too.. But then I run prime95 and boom! Both clocks report going up to 1995 MHz on TMonitor and CPU-z still reports the 1995 MHz.

    When idling it shows the above disparity.
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    It's normal bro, chillax.
    Intel processors clock down when they aren't under load to save power and reduce heat output. It's called Intel Turbo Boost. You get the boost when you need it, and cool temps and low power consumption when you don't.
  4. ^^
    Speedstep, not turbo boost ;)
  5. amuffin said:
    Speedstep, not turbo boost ;)

    Yes indeed. I had a brainfart.
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