I need an obsolete graphics card.... Or help troubleshooting.

I have recently had a rather bad run of luck with my computer systems, resulting in my attempting to resurrect some life out of my old athelon 3200+ MSI K9VGM system. 500w psu. 32 bit Windows XP.

Core issue onboard graphics stink, pci based Radeon x1300 drivers crashes after 5 to 7 minutes of running and isn't right card displays, it freezes and crashes though. PCIe 6450 Isn't recognized in the system by the OS and doesn't seem to recognize in bios. These are the on hand cards.

Anyway, the technical details are like this when the system was transferred into a home data/media server and server for a java game I admin about 3 years ago I pulled the graphics card. I don't remember what it was at that point. Pretty sure it was pci express but not certain.

I need to determine
1. Is the PCIe x 16 slot on the Motherboard still good?
2. Is the 6450 still good?
3. If I buy a temp fix graphics card till I build a new system do I go PCI or PCIe (based mainly on weather or not the PCIe x16 on the mother board is good.) If so suggestions for $75~$100 Newegg and and microcenter are fine.
4. If the slot is no good where do you even get a PCI graphics card today?

My work has had me in a weird transfer status for about the last 7 months so I have moved 3 times in that time frame, and during one of those moves somehow this computer became a make work seating system, resulting in a badly bent case top but appears to be cosmetic only.
Main gaming system is currently on loan/rent to a friend, and laptop was recently stolen.

I don't have another system easily available to me with a PCIe slot available but the 6450 card was kept in a static protection bag inside of a box with no external damage on it. Any suggestions for getting it tested for free. Also a bit hesitant to plug a known questionable board into someone elses motherboard.
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  1. the 6450 is pci-e 2.1 and your card is pci-e 1.0 so get a older card
  2. scout_03 said:
    the 6450 is pci-e 2.1 and your card is pci-e 1.0 so get a older card

    Heh well that helps for an initial eval of why it wasn't recognizing in the system didn't think about various versions of PCIe floating around. Just went and used what I had on hand from various old builds and upgrades.
  3. because some board could not handle the upper pci-e number card could work on another board from another maker but this one is not doing it
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