Hey guys I recently built a computer (first build, im a noob :P) and the game I'm mostly going to play is Guild wars 2 and some first person shooters while waiting for GW2 to be released.


gpu: gigabyte 6870 windforce
ram: 8 gbs G2 patriot
cpu: i3-2100

I tested out my pc on crysis 2 and got 60 fps on Crysis 2 on the lowest settings (advanced was the name of it I believe). My gpu idles at around 36 degrees celcius and around 45 when gaming. My cpu idles at about 31 degrees celcius and around 44 when using Prime 95. (I use Realtemp to check my cpu temps and GPU-Z to check gpu temps)

I was wondering if I could run Guild Wars 2 on medium or higher with this build (I couldnt test it because I built my pc after beta was over -.-). Your help is much appreciated ! (:
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  1. You should be able to play it at high settings easily. Especially on 1 monitor.
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