How lenient is Newegg when it comes to CPU and motherboard replacements?

I know some people may be angry with this post. Please hear me out. I spent $2500 on a new gaming PC and what happened was it shut down about 2 hours after running on Windows 7. The motherboard stopped working. At first I thought it was the power supply but I tested it with a paper clip and the fan ran. I also bought one from best buy and it also ran. So the power supply wasn't the problem.

I reset the CMOS and did a lot of other trouble shooting to see why it wouldn't boot. Then I finally took the CPU chip out very carefully to find thermal grease all over it, including on the chip side. It also leaked onto the motherboard.

These were both very expensive. This is the first time I built my PC and video I was using suggested to use a lot of that thermal grease. So I think this was the problem with the motherboard and CPU.

My question is, will Newegg be good about refunding the motherboard and replacing the CPU? I know they inspect them but has anyone ever sent one back when you assumed the damage could have possibly been from yourself? How did it go?

It seems very wrong, yes. But I'm not 100% certain if it was the thermal paste, or if the motherboard was a piece of a crap (Asrock z77 extreme 4) or it is just the CPU that had something wrong with it. I just don't know.

I am not trying to commit a fraudulent act but I would not like to lose out on $500+ when I'm not certain if the damage was from me or not.

Thank you SO much!
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  1. Carrie. I feel your pain. If you try and return the components, newegg will take one look at the mess and deny the return. No matter how well you clean it up.

    Before you go trying to return the components though, you really should try and clean things up and see if you can get them in working order. Didn't you read all of the admonitions about just using a small dab ofthermal grease?
  2. It wasn't be that put it together. I let someone do it for me. I'm very upset!!!
  3. I understand that you are upset, but now is the time to try and make lemonaid from lemons. Can you get the goop cleaned up?
  4. newpcbuilder07 said:
    It wasn't be that put it together. I let someone do it for me. I'm very upset!!!

    You made it sound as if you built it. I would work with the builder to clean the parts up, and put it back together. Try and reboot it, and if it doesn't, start RMAing parts.
  5. get yourself some spray cleaner and get rid of all the thermal grease - this company makes great products

    any of those will work - well, except the cleaner/lubricant of course
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