Crossfire fan speeds HELP

hey, guys

I'm new to the fourms. so I recently upgraded my pc heres what I got

Mobo- gigabyte g1 sniper
graphics cards- xfx radeon hd 6970 x2
PS- thermaltake 850w
storage- ocx agility 3 90bg x2 (raid 0 on gstat 3.0),WD 250BG hard drive x2 (not raided)
memory-24BG tripple channel ram (only just found out win7 home only supports 16 lol)
win 7 home

So here's whats happneing so i got my ssd drives after my graphics cards with and mobo i installed them (crossfire) worked just fine however I later went to install my ssd and my fan on the bottom crossfire card went crazy fast and loud i hear that its normal for the bottom fan to go 100% speed till you get the drivers installed but i did that and nothing still does it if anyone can help me that would be great.
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  1. Did you wipe the old drivers off before you updated them? You could try this it might work or not. After you update your drivers and the fan is 100% shut down take the card out reboot then shut down put the card back in and reboot.

    If that doesn't work try swaping the cards and see what happens. It could just be the card which I hope it isn't. But you just got them so a rma might be in order.
  2. Download MSI Afterburner and check the fan speeds. Maybe create a profile for the cards. Try manually adjusting the fans in Afterburner.
  3. Here is the link to MSI Afterburner if you don't already have it and my plan failed then try xerxces plan. I hope we can get you going again.
  4. that worked!!!!

    Thank you sooooooo much :)
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