Can't remove heatsinks from rams on my hd 4890. Pictures included.

Don't have the guts to pry the heatsinks from the graphicscard ram. The flat ones made of copper. Pictures in link.

Is it possible to glue aluminum heatsinks to the flat stock heatsinks made of copper?

I'm mounting a Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo 2 on my Powercolor hd 4890.

Here is some very big pictures:

My rig without graphicscard. The two 120mm fans in the bottom on intake will help cool the GPU.

Inside of chassi 1

Inside of chassi 2

Powercolor hd 4890 stripped from stock cooler and some of the heatsinks.
AC Twin Turbo 2 without fans in background.

Card stripped 1

Card stripped 2

My rig:

Chassis: Enlight 2F03 Svart mATX

Motherboard: ASRock Z68M-ITX/HT Socket 1155

CPU: Intel® Core I5-2500K 3300MHz
CPU cooler: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2

RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X Performance - DDR3 1600 Mhz - 2 x 4GB

GPU: Powercolor hd 4890
GPU cooler: Arctic cooling twin turbu 2

Intake fans: 2 pcs. Fractal Design Silent Series 120mm 15dBA

Outtake: Noctua NF-B9 PWM Silent Case 92mm Fan
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  1. Unfortunately I can't see your pictures, it says file not found.

    Anyway, in theory you could glue (or better, use thermal adhesive) aluminum sinks onto copper ones, but they do react together. You'd be better keeping the same elements. Also if it already has heat sinks why do you need more/new ones?

    As for taking them off, you should just apply a twisting pressure to them instead of trying to pull straight off. A little solvent can work as well.

    This is an album with the same pictures. Can you see them?

    The ones that came with the twin turbo 2 have much greater surface. The stock ones are just flat.
  3. Yes I can see that. Cool. So, yeah, IMO go buy some thermal adhesive and stick the new heat sinks on there.

    I actually did that very same thing for my VRMs:
  4. All done!

    Glued the new ram-heatsinks on top of the old ones.

    I have no fans on the gpu-cooler and the bottom 120mm fans takes in air at only 300RPM.
    In idle i get 37 deg. cel. and in game closer to 60 deg cel. according to catalyst control center.

  5. Did you use regular glue? That's not exactly a heat conducting material lol, at least nowhere near as good as a thermal adhesive...

    Anyway, temps seem fine although to be honest you're measuring Core temps not VRAM and VRM temps. You'll need to run GPUZ to see those, if available.

    You could also probably get your temps down a bit by managing that mess of cables. They really mess with air flow like that. Just a suggestion.
  6. For the VRAM and VRM I used the glue that came with the AC Twin turbo 2 caled G-1.
    And for the Core i used Arctic Silver 5 I think.

    Yepp... I really need to do something about those wires. The graphics card with it's two 8 pin connectors hooks up to 4 of my molex contacts.
    I'm looking for a powersupply with dedicated power to the grahicscard. And modular. And silent :)

    GPUZ you say... I will google it and see if my HD4890 is supported.

    Thanks for the tips
  7. Cool, yeah G-1 should do the trick quite well!

    Most PSUs will be silent if they aren't getting stressed fully. For your system you don't need much, maybe a good 550W.
  8. Downloaded GPU-Z.

    In idle i get these temps.

    GPU Temp.(DISPIO) 39 deg. cel
    GPU Temp.(MEMIO) 52 deg. cel
    GPU Temp.(Shadercore) 42 deg. cel.

    Are they to high for idle you think?
  9. Not really. The 52 might be a little on the higher side but nothing bad.

    It's more important to know what happens under load.
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