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What is the max temp for an i5 2500k?, if you wanna keep him for lets say 2 years.
I have him atm at 4,0 ghz at 50+ degrees, when i play a game.
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  1. Temps in the 50s are fine for the 2500k. Not sure what the max temp is, but people start getting nervous when you mention temps above the mid 60s
  2. High 60's and up are a problem.
  3. Anything that goes towards 70 degrees celsius will be a concern. If your cpu is running too hot, you might consider buying a new cpu cooler.
  4. Try a Hyper 212 EVO to cool!
  5. If all you want is a two year lifespan, even 80C would likely still be perfectly fine. Below 70C, it will likely last until something else blows up.
  6. if-2500k max core temp before throttling occurs is around 95C.
    Personnaly Mid 60's is fine, I try to stay under 60 when say gaming. For short duration suck as runing prime 95, I do NOT like above 75 even though 80 is acceptable.
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