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Hey you guys,
I'm fairly new to building computers, but I have done a lot of research through various websites and I came up with a build that I think is fairly good. It never hurts to ask for a second opinion so that's why I'm here. Also, I do believe everything is compatible with each other but not 100% sure. I plan on getting another video card and crossfiring them later down the road. My budget is approximately $1000, and I'm ordering from Amazon for the free shipping. Please help me out and tell me if this is solid. Thanks.

Case: Cooler Master RC-692-KKN2 No Power Supply ATX Mid Tower Case
Video Card: Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6850 PCIE Video Card
Memory: Corsair 8 GB 1333mhz PC3-10666 240-pin Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit 8 Dual Channel Kit
Mother Board: ASUS P8P67-M PRO LGA 1155 SATA 6Gbps and USB 3.0 Supported
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz
CPU Cooler: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus
Power supply: Antec EarthWatts EA-750 Green 750 Watt SLI CrossFire 80 PLUS BRONZE Power Supply
Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda Green 1.5TB 5900RPM SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch Internal Hard Drive
Monitor: ViewSonic VX2250WM-LED 22-Inch (21.5-Inch Vis) Widescreen Full HD 1080p
DVD Drive:Asus 24xDVD-RW Serial ATA Internal OEM Drive
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  1. everything looks fine the only thing i might change is the mb to an x68 chipset so that you can with a bios update run ivry bridge chips when they come out in a few weeks. the pricing of the new chips should be the same as the sandy bridge ones there replacing. the only other part would be two swap out the hard drive with a model that spins at 7200 rpm.
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    Check out my $850 build here:
    It'll give you a better board that allows for PCI 3.0 if you use Ivy Bridge but also SLI/CF room.
    Also it'll have a much better card and a solid PSU as well, not that your choice isn't.
  3. I probably won't be getting Ivy anytime soon, so I'm not really considering that. And I replaced the HD with something with a higher RPM. Thanks dude
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  5. Alright sounds good! Good luck!
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