My speakers work but when they are tuned up theres a lot of static

Hello, I have a 91 jeep Cherokee sport and the speakers work sometimes like I can have the bass turned up all they way and they play fine but when I start it and start driveing the put out a lot of static. And you can't here the song, I cheked all the wires and there fine, anyone help
Sorry for spelling.
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  1. Is this all stock? It sounds like interference coming from somewhere. Does this only happen when you drive or when you rev the engine?
  2. Check your electrical system. Start from the battery ground and engine ground and see if those wires are dirty/corroded/slack/worn etc. Take a look at the alternator wire that runs directly to the battery and see if it is okay as well. After this , get your alternator checked as well as your battery. if the battery isn't good or there is a bad ground somewhere it causes the alternator to go under strain a bit in delivering current. If the alternator is bad...get one a.s.a.p
    If all else is okay, it may be time to look at a new deck. Hope this helps.
  3. I had this same problem on my first car, it was like i could hear the engine rev in the speakers... and it turned out that the person that had the car before me took the ground for the stereo from the chassis... once i changed that to the battery, i didn't have the problem anymore... hope this helps.
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