Computer Science or Computer Engineering?

I will be attending college soon and I have yet to choose my major. What should I do?
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  1. Most schools give you a year to finish up introductory classes so you can use that one year to think about which major you want.

    Once you start your college, look at the courses required for CS and CE and see which one interest you more. You can also talk to your advisers to learn more about the majors.
  2. Well if you like to design and code software, go CS. If you like designing circuits and coding micro-controllers, go CE. However, get a good idea of what you like your first year. I put two years into my CS degree before I realized coding sucked @ss and switched my major to IT. I still do plenty of coding, believe that, it's just not all I do now.
  3. bahts said:
    I will be attending college soon and I have yet to choose my major. What should I do?

    Computer Science is more focused on the programming aspects of computer systems and is more theoretical than computer engineering. It involves discrete mathematics, algorithms, data structures; basically the laws, theory and rules that go into the creation of a computing system. Computer engineering deals more with hardware and even though it includes a software component and is more concerned with the physical, practical side of computer system development. Computer Engineers apply the theory formulated by Computer Scientists to the design, interface and use of the computing system. So depending on where your interests lie, you can choose between a Computer Science degree or a Computer Engineering degree; just make sure that whichever college you pick is accredited, highly rated, and has received good reviews.
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