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About 2 weeks ago I upgraded my PSU to a Corsair TX650, ready for yesterdays upgrade to a GTX570 SC. This is being used in conjunction with a Q6600 OC. Prior to installing the GTX570 I had a 9800GT, and did not hear any perculiar noises from the PSU. However, today when listening purely to see how loud my new GPU was, i heard a faint crackling sound (electrical sounding) coming from the PSU. Bare in mind that this was very faint, and I had to press my ear to the exhaust of the PSU to hear it, not being able to hear it over the sound of the rest of my PC from a distance of only about 15cm or so.

My question is, should I be worried about this and should I precautionally RMA the PSU?

Thanks in advance,

Edit: Forgot to mention, the sound is really most prominent when under load.
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  1. Any crackling from a PSU is a red flag in my book, unless it was a loose power cable.
  2. Any actual electrical crackling would indicate arcing which would be a very bad thing and an indicator of some sort of electrical fault such as bad/cold solder joints.

    Plastified labels/stickers flapping in the airflow may also generate some crackling-like noise, which would be benign.
  3. Just before I RMA'ed it I had a look at the power cable feeding te PSU. I gave it a small wiggle into a s lightly different angle and the sound got considerably worse, a different position corrected this and removed the noise entirely. This suggests that it could possible be an issue with the power cable. If this persists with other cables, with the noise coming and going depending on the cable's position, do you still think i should order a replacement?
  4. If wiggling the power cable to the PSU stops the electrical crackling sound, I would change the power cord and see if the situation still exists. It may be a break in the wires inside the cable... or it my just be that you are causing the receptacle on the back of the PSU to move, and the problem is actually inside the PSU. It's hard to diagnose from afar, but not a good situation for sure. If the situation coorects itself with a power cord replacement, you should be OK. If not, RMA the PSU.
  5. I agree with Clutch. If PSU cable swap solves it, you are most likely ok.

    If you do end up confirming that it was a bad cable, don't use it again since it may either damage connectors through arcing or potentially turn into a fire hazard.
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