New Monitor Problem

I got a brand new monitor yesterday.

Acer 23' LED S232HL HDMI

My old monitor is a Dell M991 VGA

My problem is that the new monitor wont find a signal unless the old Dell is plugged in.
If i shut down the computer with the Dell still plugged in it works fine. If i shut off the computer and unplug the Dell, the Acer doesn't find a signal. I am using the HDMI cable for it. Although it does have a VGA cable and and DVI cable as well. I havnt tried any of those two. I want to use my HDMI cable.

I am currently only using my on board video which is an ATI Radeon HD 4290 512 mb. I am going to be upgrading that in a week or two.

Is there some settings im missing? I hope it is a simple solution.

I could use both monitors, but i dont really have use for using 2 monitors. I would just rather use the new one.

Anyone have this problem before? or any solutions?
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  1. BTW, my OS is Windows 7 Pro. If that helps.
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