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So I have two case fans and only one spot on the board for power. Is it possible to strip both sets of fan wires and tie their related colored together to power both on the same spot?
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  1. Instead of stripping the wires and ruining the fan leads I would use a "y" splitter like the one linked below.
  2. I would not do that. It could do more damage than good.

    What is the mobo?
  3. Do what inzone posted^ instead.
  4. It depends on what you mean by "more damage than good" or whatever. It's an Xbox 360 Slim. I've already put an 80mm Antec TriCool in there, but I feel I can improve it a bit more. I was thinking of putting a 50 or 60mm fan (whichever fits) along the left side of the case (probably for exhaust). I noticed it's ridiculously hot on that side. Sure, do you all think it really needs it? I don't care. I just like modding/having a project/doing something fun (you may think this belongs on an Xbox forum, but I'm pretty sure my question is universal). I've already stripped and wired the connection for the first fan (so idiotically I threw away the original connection for the TriCool). I'm perfectly fine with cutting the connection for this second fan.
  5. The xbox 360 slims cooling was good originally, whats the point in changing the cooling system.

    You need to know what is what in terms of pins and the original fan connector.

    Red =12V
    Black= negative/GND
    Yellow= monitor
    blue= PWM

    Plus adding more fans puts more load on the xbox's power supply and makes the fans spin slower.

    Putting an 120mm exhaust fan over the original heatsink is good.
  6. Pin2 Red =12V
    Pin1 Black= negative/GND
    Pin3 Yellow= monitor
    Pin4 blue= PWM
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