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hey im new here i have an intel i7 3.5ghz stock 3.9ghz turbo.. its very good cpu but im having problems.. normally when im not doing anything it idles at about 1600Ghz but today i ramdomly checked something in AI suite and found it was not running 1600ghz idle. i will give screen shots of AI suite and CPU-z im fully confused about this what is the problem? one more thing when i noticed it was not running normal idle speeds i looked in CPU-z and found that the multiplier and core voltage were changing together so the core voltage would change then it would hit x 3.9 on the multiplier for 1 second then back to normal then same agian every 5 seconds after. i went into my bios then and checked everthing and everything was standard... so to on the safe side i dicided to press f5 and make everything default. everything was default in the first place. but after i rebooted and checked the the multiplier was now stuck at x3.9 and voltage at 1.272v. i will give you screen shot of the desktop. i am extremely worred about my PC. Thank You


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  1. what is your make and model of motherboard?

    My first thought is that this is an anomaly created by bad BIOS coding.
  2. it is an Asus P8Z68-V LX i have never had no problems before with the CPU thing its new to me
  3. so your saying that it is an bios problem? i have had no problems with the bios correcly installed been on since janurary 2012
  4. It seems a conflict among Intel Turbo Boost Technology, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology and Idle States.
  5. Ok i am now running BIOS 3904. upgraded from BIOS 0703 ok now my bios is now updated. but i have the Same problem. HELP
  6. what do you recermend a do jemm?
  7. OK, I'm stumped
  8. what i will do abekl im going to record 2 minutes off my programs reading what the CPU if doing because i cant explain in words because i have problems doing so. check back for you tube link in 20 minues. thank you
  9. forget that i have just thought it will not be clear as cpu needed to run recording programs. well thats that.
  10. Hey cobblestone. Please use some punctuation to be able to better understand you. Usually the standard BIOS setting enables all the power saving features, but maybe something is amiss. Do you know what settings in bios to be checking? C-states, turboboost, intel speedstep, and all that stuff.

    Something in windows may be running to not allow your computer stay at idle as well. don't know what that might be.
  11. there all defaults turbo boost enabled. speed step enabled. internal PCL overvoltage auto. EPU power saving mode disabled. cpu offset mode +. cpu voltage 1.165v auto. dram voltage 1.165v auto. cclo voltage 1.05v auto. pch voltage 1.05v auto.load line cabibration auto. cpu speed spectrum auto. everything is default.

    no there nothing on my PC useing CPU power. all at 0.

    thank you
  12. just been looking up c-states now cant find the c-states in bios.
  13. cobblestone said:
    just been looking up c-states now cant find the c-states in bios.

    Get into the Bios, then go to AI Tweaker Menu, then have a look at Turbo Ratio [By All Cores], and decide how you want to adjust your system (default, by OS or through the Bios). Still at Tweaker Menu see EPU Power Saving Mode, and CPU Power Management

    Then go to Advanced Menu > CPU Configuration > CPU C1E
  14. i would say try reseting bios again to "optimized" defaults.

    Ans also try uninstalling the Asus AI Suite.
  15. Can you look your task manager Processes? Just to find what process is using the cpu time when you are in idle? Ussually they are all to 00 also take a look the resource of the system to find out what else is using this process, ram, network, hard disk.

    I suspect something is running at the back all the time and is not visible to you.
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