Help with A ~700 build( Under if possible)

Hello everyone. I require assistance with a computer that will be used for mostly gaming, with music and videos on the side. Since I have no expertise with computer building, I'm looking for advice from all of you for a build that is under 700$ (750 at MOST)

Parts I already have include-
Monitor, mouse and keyboard.

What I need-
Everything else required for a full, decent gaming computer.

Games I wish to play with this creation-
Diablo III
ST: The old republic
S.T.A.L.K.E.R( All)
and many others.

One limitation is I can't buy items online, so I would have to pick up items from the dealer them selves, and since I live around Toronto, it would have to be around that area. Sorry if this hinder/hampers with people's ability to assist me.

Thanks for reading!
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    I find this build to be a very good basis to start off of :)

    What resolution is your monitor? Depending on that, we may need to swap out some parts that are on that list for some other more powerful components :D
  2. It's about 21 inches or so, So something around 1680x1050. :)
  3. Ah okay :) thanks!
    Well first off, (I'm going to be replacing components from muffin's list here, so you'll need to check on his guide after I'm done listing :lol: ) you may want to change the CPU from the i3 2100 on his list, to the i5 2300. It's a locked CPU, so you won't be able to overclock at all, but you'll gain 2 real cores instead of a dual core with hyperthreading, meaning a bit more performance in games :)

    Other than that, I think that's about all. I'm not really sure about the power supply, you may be able to find a 500w PSU for around 50-70 dollar range (I recommend Corsair, Seasonic, Antec).
  4. Alright, thank you. Hope fully some Toronto stores sell the hardware. ^_^
  5. yaright35 said:
    Alright, thank you. Hope fully some Toronto stores sell the hardware. ^_^

    You're very welcome! :D I wish you the best of luck and happy shopping :)
  6. I'd recommend going the other way with your processor. 95% of the gaming builds on this forum are unbalanced, with far more processor horsepower than graphics juice.

    Unless you're a programmer, or you're going to be doing a lot of media encoding, or other activities you know to be processor intensive, then the biggest load on your processor is going to be gaming. As far as gaming, you want your CPU and graphics solutions to top out around the same time; neither bottlenecking the other.

    A good rule of thumb for building a balanced gaming machine right now is to spend 2-3x as much on your graphics solution as you do on your processor.

    Don't worry too much about getting a quad core. Very few games use them, and that's likely to be the case for a while. parallel programming is very difficult to begin with, and parallelizing a process where the next iteration depends on the previous answer (i.e., gaming) is a holy grail of programming. Even the games that use 2 cores do so by offloading the A.I. on one core and using the other for everything else.

    Even Battlefield 3, which most people hold up as a quad core example, only uses 2 cores. (it accesses four for some reason, but doesn't use them)

    Having spouted all that, take a look at,3106.html

    for a $750 build, you could use a Pentium G860 ($100), which would be balanced with something around nvidia's 560 Ti ($220) or amd's 7850 ($260). Being a sandy bridge chip as well, you can still replace the CPU down the road with a 2500k or something even beefier.
  7. If I'm reading that right, your case only has 1 fan, a 120mm rear. Since online isn't an option for you, I can't guarantee you can find a better case near you, but there are much better cases online for $60, so it's worth looking around a bit more.

    If you ever want to buy an aftermarket CPU cooler, you'll need to be a bit careful. some won't have the clearance for your RAM's heatsink.

    Nice PSU, really beefy 12v rail on that.
  8. Mmm, how about this one then?

    2 80MM front fans and one 120MM rear fan.
  9. Looks good; has some extra 120 fans slots as well.
  10. I like this case a little better...just my opinion.
  11. Now, What motherboard could I use for all these? the one in the guide is not sold at this store. :(
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