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Hello, The only repair instructions that I can find on th web are for the P500 series. The layout does not match this P505. The Realtek wireless card, which has always been quirky, has failed. I want to replace it. None of the hatch doors contain it, so I assume that the entire bottom chassis cover needs to come off. But before doing this, I'd feel better hearing that it's the correct path. Does anyone have printed information or working knowledge of it? Thank you, Gary
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  1. Hey,
    Sounds like there might be another work around before you go and replace the Wifi adapter. Sounds like there is a problem with it not working properly, and not being recognized by Device manager. I also found very little info on the p505. Normally the Wifi adapter is easily accessible.
    I hope this helps
  2. Thanks, Chad. No thought goes unchecked, and I appreciate any ideas. I can tell you that I did check DM and it's been OK. Much of the time is works fine, but then it sputters. So whether it's going bad or maybe needs to be reseated, it's pretty much narrowed down to a physical problem. To make things worse, it is not accessible in any easy way. The bottom chassis needs to come off and that it a pretty complex job. The bottom screws are easy, but there are some hidden ones around the CD/DVD drive (left side) and near the track pad (left-center front). For now, I've opted to pop in a 150-n USB micro. I will someday brave thre full disassembly so that I can replace the Realtek--likely with a dual 2.4/5 to take advantage of my router's second frequency.
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