Build vs Laptop for casual but capable use

My ancient mobo just quit on me and it's time to upgrade.
I was looking at inexpensive laptops but anything decent costs around $600 So

Here is what I'm looking at on a budget

The old......................................... VS ........................................ The new

DFI lanparty ut 250GB ----------------------------- MSI bottom of barrel---- $56 did not purchase
2.3 Athlon 754 socket ----------------------------- Celeron G530 lga1155--- $50
Asylum GeForce FX 5600 Ultra -------------------- on board for now
1Gb Kingston 400ram Wow I know --------------- Corsair XMS3 2x4GB----- $44
Antec 350w smartblue ---------------------------- Thermaltake TR2 600W-- $60 I'll have to price match this one
Win XP 32bit --------------------------------------- Win 7 pro 64bit OEM----- $140 not purchased yet
Alienware case ------------------------------------- Reuse for now
AOC e2243Fw ------------------------------------- -||-

Total -------------------------------------------------------------------------------$350
Now this little setup would work for basic needs !BUT! I found an ASUS P8Z68-V PRO for $130! and had to have it.
Total -------------------------------------------------------------------------------$424.......minus the MSI board.

The ASUS was too good to pass up,but it deserves at least the I3 or I5 2500K :} so the price keeps going up and I'm on a tight budget right now.I only have 4 days to upgrade the CPU to not loose the $50 credit so you see my dilemma,Win7 or upgrade to I3.The system works fine right now but Win XP 32bit only recognizes 3.1GB ram and doesn't use the CPU to full potential.
This project went from $200 to over $500 quick,let me know what you think....maby scrap everything and get a laptop,but I doubt at that price range it would perform as well.
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  1. Two stage upgrade path.
    Initial build - Approx $550:
    i5-2500k (approx $210)
    MB - Get Z68 based MB approx $150 +/- $25
    Ram - 8 Gigs DDR3 -1333 or 1600 CL 9 @ 1.5 V, aprox $75
    Win 7 64 Bit premium OEM aprox $100 (Don't need higher level)
    Reuse PSU - $ 350 OK untill you upgrade the iGPU to a Dedicated GPU
    Use the built in HD3000 iGPU untill 2nd stage.
    PSU - $ 350 OK untill you upgrade the iGPU to a Dedicated GPU
    HDD, DVD drive, Case

    2nd stage - about $200:
    Upgrade to a dGPU (ie 68xx) about $150
    Upgrade PSU, Unless you plan on running a 2nd GPU in SLI/Xfire, a quality 450W+ PSU is fine ( a i5-2500k + a 6870 only draws about $350 W at MAX load).

    Upgrade HDD, maybe even an SSD
  2. Sounds good,I was not aware my 8yr old PSU could handle this setup,thats another $60 twords the I5 2500k.
    I have another question about my MOBO,I got it for $130 because it has slightly bent pins (posted and passed diagnostics by fry's electronics) I checked with a magnifying glass and just couldn't find anything out of line.
    Should I be concerned or just run it.
  3. What pins??
  4. Since the sticker didn't specify I looked at the mobo CPU socket pins first,they looked perfect and so did the rest of the board.(shrug)

    About my old PSU unfortunately it doesn't have the 8pin power connector that I need,only a 20 and a 4.
    I found an 4-8 adapter but I have some concerns about damage to my MOBO.
  5. I got my wife this laptop about 6 months back and she likes it. If you don't need a discrete gpu it's not a bad deal...full keyboard, light, etc.. $529.99
    Toshiba - 15.6" Satellite Laptop - 6GB Memory - 640GB Hard Drive - Platinum
  6. 400->450 Watt PSU for arround $50, Antec, corsair, or seasonic.
    Corsair and Sesonic on pg 2.
  7. Since I got my P8z68-v pro,there is no turning back now.The bios and utilities are sick,so much control.
    I haven't played many pc games in a few years because of my outdated hardware,but I am kind of interested in 3D modeling among other programs,but mostly gearing up for some gaming.
    Flight simulator was always on my list and I hope to play it on max settings including BF3,Skyrim,and gta mods always looked fun.
    I'm already to deep into the build to just buy a laptop,but thanks.

    Back to PSU's
    This is the one I picked up a week ago and have no problem exchanging it for better quality but around thesame price.

    What do you think about this one

    Keep in mind that I'll be spending around $200 on a graphics card in a month or two,just haven't picked one yet.
  8. That Corsair should be fine. The wattage will handle any single GPU card.
    A typical i5-2500K system with a 6870 GPU draws about 350 W, with a 7770 GPU the power is under 300 W
  9. Here is what I have so far

    Asus P8Z68-v PRO..................... $129
    Intel i5 2500k .......................... $118
    Xms3 8GB 1333........................ $48
    Thermaltake TR2-600nl2nc.......... $59

    Total ...................................... $354 This is with looking for deals and price matching by Fry's

    GPU coming soon max................ $200
    Total ...................................... $554

    Not too shabby....
    Everything else is being reused

    The only concern is the PSU (quality) ,600W will work just fine even OC'd to 4 - 4.5GHz but
    Thermaltake is not the most popular around here,there must be a reason.

    "azeem40 wrote :

    CX and GS Corsair PSUs are of low-quality and should be avoided at all costs. The only two companies that have 100% reliable and high-quality PSUs are XFX and Seasonic."

    The Corsair Enthusiast Series TX650 I was considering went from $76 to $90 so lets see some suggestions at a slightly lower price range.I just don't think I need to spend $100 on a PSU.
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