Need help avoiding bottlenecking... thx

hi guys,

i need your help in selecting the most cost efficient GPU that will not cost any bottlenecking in my old system.

at this point in time i plan to purchase one GPU card first and then crossfiring in the future...

i was thinking crossfiring HD 6850 but i wanna see an expert opinion first.

i was previously using XFX HD 5670 1GB DDR5... but the heatsink got stuck because of the dust (bad design??) i had to remove the fan casing and im now struggling to find the replacement thermal pads)

the following is my system specs...

CPU : i5 750
MOBO : Asus P7 P55 LX
RAM : 2 x 2GB DDR3 1333
HDD : 1TB 7200 rpm
PSU : cooler master GX 550W with 44A on the 12V single rail.

Could you guys recomend the best GPU that will not cost any bottleneckin on my system... or is it time to get a new system :cry:

i forgot to add that the system is primarily for gaming.... i wanna play games like skyrim , BF3 and DIABLO THREEEEEEEE on high/mid settings at 40+ FPS...budget is aro 150 for one GC..

p.s.: im having a hard time finding the same hd5670 to crossfire as it has been discontinued for almost a year. my local vendors told me i have to find the same card of the same brand to crossfire... but i read in the forum that 2 different brands can crossfire... im confused now...

p.s.2 : buying new thermal paste and thermal pads will cost me around USD20... my card is ony worth less then USD100.. do u think its a good investment to spend that USD20 to fix my card?

sry for the long post

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  1. You don't want to crossfire the 5670. Its outdated and way too slow to run the games your looking at. You should just buy a new card if you want to spend more than 20% of the card's worth. If you want to get a new card I would need a price range. I can give you graphic solutions from 50$ to over $1K.

    The i5 can run pretty much any card without running into problems. If you want to stick two 580's together, you might start to have issues with bottlenecking. Your power supply is a little small for that though...
  2. Umm.... That "old" system is quite capable. With an overclock you could run sli 460/560s with that setup. If you either want a powerful single gpu or xfire 6850/6870 you can run it worry free with that cpu
  3. i was thinking around the price range of 150... for a single card...

    that would put me in the range of a 6850...

    do u think its a good buy? and will my system bottleneck if i Xfire 2 X 6850?? dont know if the PSU is enough

    thx for helpin guys
  4. Your system will handle any big time card so the 6850 or the 6870 would be a nice choice. But to play BF3 You would need a 6950 with 2gigs of vram to play above 40 and obove FPS.

    Here is a card I found on newegg. Here on amazon there are cards to but these two sites are in the USA
  5. Your psu can handle a single 6850 just fine but you would need more oomph for a xfire setup. Getting the single 6850 for now then upgrading later to a xfire setup would be fine and your cpu would be fine wth that and you could even overclock it a bit to give a little more headroom
  6. i think i will go for the 6850 based on everyones comments and try to sell the 5670 as scrap.. haha.. really no point in investing in another 5670 for Xfire as i see it..

    shall go for a single first then later get a new PSU for Xfire and OC the PSU to squeeze wahtever juicce i can squeeze out of it...

  7. OH ya another question... 1GB or 2GB.... i think the 2GB is quite rare where im from...
  8. For your res you wont need more than 1gb cept with bf3; it has been known to use upwards of 1.4
    If you get the 2gb it would fit your need better but you would need to get another 2gb to xfire in the future.when you.choose to do so to not limit it down to 1 gb being in xfire with another 1gb
  9. I have a similar build except I OC'd the i5 750@ 3,8ghz (with cooler of course) and put 8gb of ram. Right now I'm with a 2 yo 5850 that runs for ex. Skyrim high with 8xAF,8xAA at 1680X1050 with ~50-60 fps. That being said I'm going for one of the new 7950s...which I think will allow for high -> ultra settings in 1080p this time... However Skyrim is a CPU dependent game. It was only until AFTER I OC'd it that I was able to increase the AA,AF settings and saw the difference in retaining the 60-ish fps... From what I read all guys point you at the right direction though.. ;)
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