Building First Rig. Gaming/Streaming/Video editing.

Approximate Purchase Date: As soon as I get my Financial Aid money

Budget Range:1,750 could go higher if need be

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Streaming/Capturing 360 Gameplay. Video editing, all of adobe CS5 for classes. Gaming.

Parts Not Required:Monitor, KB&M.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country: (e.g.: India)USA
Parts Preferences: by brand or type Intel and NVidia for CuDa.
Overclocking: Maybe.

SLI or Crossfire: Do I need to?

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080p

Additional Comments
I was looking at the z77 boards and was wondering do I need to go with the new boards, can I get by with p67 z68 z79? Also will I need to go with a i7? For cases what Cooler Masters do you recommend? I like all the CM's and HAF's.
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  1. please fill this form so that we could give you correct answers.
  2. no link is not working properly.

    make sure that the wishlist you made is public .

    then after making it public open the wishlist and copy the no. in the url which is in the last.

    after that open any public wishlist which you aint build and replace the no. by your copied no. in the url.

    then copy the whole url and paste it here on toms and it will work.

    for more visuallised representation check the second post of the link that i provided.
  3. I like the build u posted with a couple minor changes, but I want to go with black and red. The case Im gonna choose will be a CM or HAF. Also I live in AZ if it helps for if need to add more fans.
  4. Also why the 3tb HDD then the small HDD?
  5. see a ssd for your os and apps like photoshop and 3d max

    second the 3tb hdd is for your storage of music games and movies

    and i mentioned 2 500gb hdd in raid 1 for your work files of photoshop and 3d max.

    raid 1 as to keep a failsafe for the confidential and very important work to keep it safe incase of a drive failure.

    i tried to squese a i7 3930k but it just went a bit out of budget.

    also i didnt include any powerful gpu because a gtx 580 will be useless for the render work and as you are not gonna play very heavy games or play in eyenifity.

    the gtx 560ti is the best bet for your type use.

    feel free to ask any thing :D
  6. for the wishlist you posted.

    i didnt choose that ram because of the colour scheme.

    becides gskill , corsair , mushkin and kingston are tier1 especially the first three.

    i also suggested the same asus drive. never mind

    the game broadcast recorder is totally on you i dont even know what is it :lol:

    the cm storm enforcer is a very good case except it is a bit flimsy and not that good quality.

    i mean it is kind of bendy and not the normal thick metal.

    i would prefer the cm storm sniper if its not to costly.

    and a 550ti . man a 460 can outperform the 550ti and is a bit cheaper.

    also 550ti is rebranded and a bit costly.

    a 560ti is the best thing for you it also gives the most bang for buck.

    it all up to you we are suggetsing and you are gonna take the final decion.

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