Computer Troubleshooting (Maybe Graphic Card Problem)

So today I had to update my internet security and it required that i restart my computer. So i did and I ended up with it 1 long beep and 3 short beeps. I first thought that my cpu overheated so i cleaned everything(ram,cpu video card) but it still did the same thing. Then I found out 1long and 3 short beeps means there's some problem with my video card configuration. So i unplugged and replugged it, and i still didnt work. Also my monitor is blank. I have 5770HD, and i was wondering if everything was not working simply,becuase my card died. Any advice will be helpful thank you
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  1. Sounds like either the video card or the PCIe interface on the motherboard.

    Borrow a good video card and plug it into your system. If the system boots, the problem is your old video card. If your system does not boot, the problem is likely your motherboard.
  2. Does your mobo has on-board video support?. If does, why don't you try-out that?.
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