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ive recently downloaded skyrim on my laptop. My laptop isnt exactly an amazing gaming laptop and i have to play on lowest settings and i still occasionly lag. i have an i3 processor and 4gb ram but i only have the normal family graphics card thingy in my laptop at the moment. what is a good graphics card i could buy (around 100 - 150 dollar range) that could play decent skyrim graphics. if theres some problem that im doing wrong like something that could decrease my lag like some trick that would also be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Well first, you have to tell us the type of laptop.
    Second, I'm going to take a guess and say that your laptop probably has a integrated graphics chip.
    Third, integrated graphics chips are NOT REMOVABLE and your laptop probably doesn't support a mobile graphics card.
    Fourth, sorry bud, you really can't do anything but get a new desktop or gaming laptop.
  2. i have a dell inspironN5110 im pretty sure its integrated graphics card. is there any chance that therell be a different sorta graphics card slot like there is for RAM. probably not coz i have no clue about computers
  3. Yeah dude, your using Intel Integrated Graphics, no wonder you're lagging. I'm not to sure if your laptop can hold a mGPU but if it does, it's very difficult to install it. Since you have "no clue about computers" I suggest you stay away from this and just return the laptop and something stronger.
    Just in case you wanted to know how to install a graphics card in a laptop.
  4. ok thanks ill probably just put up with it
  5. i just rang my friend and he said thats he has an integrated graphics card but also a radeon graphics card but he said it was already in his computer when he bought would that mean if i bought a radeon graphics card or whatever and let a professional put it in and install it it woulld work?
  6. I would send it back to Dell and pay them to upgrade it. Yea your laptop has an option for a 6470m. Go ring dell and ask them.
  7. ok thanks
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