Noctua NH-D14 vs Corsair H100? Which one!!!!

Hey guys! So I'm about to buy the parts of my gaming PC, but I am debating which CPU cooler I should get? I was looking at the Noctua NH-D14 and the Corsair H100. Although it doesn't have to be those ones. It has to be the best for under $120. I am thinking about overclocking the Intel Six Core 3930k to 4.2Ghz or around there. So it's gonna get like 60C! (celsius). I think :P... The case is going to be CoolerMaster HAF ATX 932 case. Thanks so much for your help!
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  1. Depends, the H100 looks better but the DH14 is cheaper and is quieter for the cooling but takes up tonnes of room. I'd get the H100
  2. I am about to OC a similar chip -Xeon X5650 and went with the Noctua NH-D14

    It is actually cooler than the H100 until your chip starts to generate some serious heat!

    Our chips maybe generate that kinda heat though when pushed, but I'm not 100% - the chip in the following linked review is one of the hottest about:

    Cooling a Hot CPU!

    Before seeing that review - I almost bought the Thermolab's Trinity, but that cooler experiences thermal runaway fairly early in this test.

    I came across a guy running Prime95 with 2x X5650 @ 3.9GHz hitting 65 - 75c while using the Thermalright Silver Arrows
    - though he does not mention his vcore, but was having stability issues so maybe was trying a higher voltage while testing

    My budget was fairly limited and cannot fit the H100 in my case, so made my choice easier + got a good price on my Noctua ;)
  3. Personally with your case, I would get the Noctua NH-D14. Your case is extremely well ventilated so I don't think you would run into any issues exhausting your hot air.

    The H100 is a very nice cooler as well, but I'm personally against them due to the numerous issues with the pump. (I decided to try one out over the D14 last week. Friend sold me one for a ridiculously great price.) Now mind you the H100 I tried was brand new, and it had the dreaded clicking noise coming from the pump.

    I returned it right away :lol:

    Long story short, D14 gets my vote. H100 is nice and all, but it's really more for aesthetics I think.
  4. Quote:
    You can get a Thermaltake version on the H100 for about 72 bucks with rebate right now. Thats what I would go with. That will cool your 2011 rig well enough to hit your OC.

    Oh wow really? Which website? I can't find it at the moment :lol:

    Though if that's the case, it'll perform better than the H100 due to a thicker radiator. (if this is what you're talking about)
  5. Quote: Its a single rad version of what you suggested.

    Ah, if it's the single rad version, I would much prefer to spend an extra dollar or so and get the D14. It'll perform similar to an H80 which isn't really my preference when compared to a D14 :lol:
  6. Quote: Its a single rad version of what you suggested.

    2K RPM fans is the reason why it performs so well, slap 2K RPM fans on a real watercooling loop and it will eat any closed loop for breakfast.
  7. amuffin said:

    Would have I have to buy tubing? Or how would it work? Is everything there?
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