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How many times faster is an i5-3450 compared to a Pentium 4?

Be realistic please! :kaola:
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    If you are a gamer, here is a hierarchy chart that will show where today's processors stand in relation to each other for gaming purposes. As you can see, Tom's doesn't even bother including any Pentium 4s anymore. It would be really difficult to put a number on the difference because it would vary according to the processor's use. Suffice to say, the difference would be immense.
  2. I had a Pentium 4 630 @3.0ghz.
  3. Patflute said:
    I'm not sure what exact P4 I had in my old computer, but I know that it was at 3.0ghz.

    The one I posted the comparison on is 3.6GHz, your old one will be worse then. In gaming 5-6times faster then.
  4. I wanted moar :(
  5. Patflute said:
    I wanted moar :(

  6. You will get more with a good GPU that your old CPU could not handle.
  7. Okay then how many times better is the a 560ti (Would say 660, but it's not out yet) over a 82945G with 128mb vram?

    clutchc is confused :P
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    That I can not tell you since the old Intel has 0 gaming performance and it does not matter how many times I multiply 0 it always = 0, so I am just going to make a shot in the dark and say 1000.
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  10. Well, the 945 chipset has the GMA x4500 in there so you do the comparison:,3107-7.html

    Realistically, the CPU will be holding it back so the performance will be like a 4650. But those old card still out class GMA x4500 by at least 13 levels. The GTX 560ti out class it by 23 levels.
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