Powering a GPU thats not in a PIC-e Slot

I was wondering what would happen to a GPU that is connected to a PSU, but not connected to a motherboard?
I have a HD 6870 that started making artifacts on the monitor, so bought 2 new ones for crossfire. The motherboard only has room for 2, but thought it would look cool to have the 3 sitting there. Will it cause problems for the power supply if i have the 3 graphics plugged in but only 2 being used?
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  1. Not a good idea to have a loose powered or non powered graphics card in your case, you could cause damage to your system if theres an electrical problem , or arcing or grounding issue.
    Don't do it....you may regret it!
  2. Thanks. Been after 3way crossfire but the Gf won't let me spend the money. Thought if i can't have it, i can atleast make it look like i have. Better not risk it then.
  3. Fair enough , look on ebay tho , you could find a good deal on a mobo that supports tri fire.
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