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I have set up a wireless router network and have today added a network extender so that I can access the internet in all rooms of the house. I can connect to the router or extension with my laptop or iphone etc, but for some reason the connection on my PC is really slow and appears to be slowing down the connection for my other devices. I would like to refresh the connection to the router for my PC, but can't find any 'flag' in the corner of my PC like the one on my laptop. If I go into Network Connections, I can't see either the router or the extension listed. Is there any way on a PC using XP that I can run a search for my router or extension and then add a new connection to that. As you can tell I am not terribly computer literate! Any help gratefully received. Thanks, Adrian
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    It might be best too start off with the wireless adapter in that PC which won't show the icon, and update its driver. It's unlikely XP itself wil behave badly in this respect but the adapter may well do so.l

  2. Second thought - if that PC isn't wireless, in Network Connections, click to create a new connection and see if that triggers the extender to show up as a PnP device.

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