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I recently built my own pc a few months ago. I have the new i5-3570k so I didnt bother with a decrete graphics card right away as I dont play very many high demand games and the integrated graphics were plenty. Everything was working wonders, until..

Yesterday I added an EVGA GTX 560 Ti that I found on sale. Ever since, my front audio panel has been unable to find my mic or headset. When I plug them in the computer doesnt even recognize that they've been plugged in. The entire back audio panel is working fine, and ive already tried updating all of the drivers and all the basic stuff.

Any ideas?
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    Did you connect the front audio cables to the spdif out put pins on the motherboard? Did you by chance loosen them if you did connect the cable when you installed the video card. It's very easy to loosen cable when you install someting and not notice that you did.
  2. I checked that, and im sure its still connected because everything else on the front panel is still working as well, its just the 2 audio jacks that are no longer working.
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  4. Correction, you were 100% right, the cables i checked before were only the other front panel components. I didnt realized that the audio ones were actually attached to a different location right under the GPU card, and were in fact loose.

    Thank you so much for your help! :)
  5. Your welcome.
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