New Build - Need help with rest of parts

Hey guys, I am building a new build but I need help with some parts I want
It is a gaming build where I do plan to record and such
Specs so far
Crosshair V Motherboard
AMD Phenom II x4 960T
8 gb GSkill ripjaw ram
Hard drive- 1 TB (Western digital or seagate)
No CD rom yet
Windows 7 Home premium
I need a Wifi card that goes about a room over and down a floor. My xbox gets fine reception but I need a wifi card that does the same
Radeon HD 2400 (Im looking at either a HD 7850 or 560TI whatever does better in SLI or crossfire but it may take awhile to get another card as in a year.)

Any Suggestions on build or remaining parts just post a comment ;D
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  1. I'm an NVidia fan, so I'd go for the 560Ti, the EVGA model is $250 and the highest reviewed on NewEgg. Your mobo/CPU combo is solid, and good RAM and hard drive. DVD-ROM from LITE-ON or ASUS is good.

    Best-rated adapter (not card)
    PCI-e card
  2. I am now looking at that wireless card and the 560 TI. Thanks :D
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