GTX275 as a dedicated Physx Card on SLI system query

Hello all!

What I am wondering is, would a GTX275 from EVGA improve physx simulation in an SLI system (two GTX460's with an AMD Phenom II X6 @ 3.7ghz on an Asus Sabertooth 990FX with 8GB of Ram - 1333mhz - and an 850w PSU from XFX.

Now, I know that in some cases having a physx card that has less CUDA cores then the main graphics cards can actually lower performance, so if this is one of those cases, what card would you recommend for dedicated physx in my system?

I don't think power consumption would be an issue as i bearly break 600w at the moment.

Sonny :) :bounce:
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  1. How many games do you play frequently that have Physx ?
  2. Mirrors Edge, Metro 2033, UDK (I'm using the APEX Modules for my game ;P), Alice: Madness Returns...
  3. Here is the PCI specs:

    1 x PCI (32 bit)
    1 x PCIe 2.0 x1
    2 x PCIe 2.0 x16
    1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (x4 Bandwidth)
    1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (x8 Bandwidth
  4. Malmental is correct. SLI or not. if you have three card in the system the bandwidth would change from X16X16. itd be X16,X8,X8,X4. i run two 560 ti's and CPU as PhysX
  5. So it would run at x16, x8 and x8? So it would be fine?

    Okay, so would I benefit?
  6. Quote:
    why not make your bottom card PhysX and get off the CPU, just curious.?

    I was Told you get best GPU overall performance without using one of your SLI cards as PhysX. Plus i don't play any games that really uses Physx except Metro 2033
  7. Yeah, on the power-drawing side of things...However it does have 240 cores
  8. Yeah I wanna see this too, surely the CPU would come to a halt and slow the game way down?
  9. Perhaps a gt440?
  10. how does one play metro at all, the gas mask bug has never been fixed.
  11. sonnyd09 said:
    Mirrors Edge, Metro 2033, UDK (I'm using the APEX Modules for my game ;P), Alice: Madness Returns...

    This video tells all you need to know about dedicated Physx GPU.
  12. Quote:
    interesting, can you possibly find that article or link.?

    It was a Video Off of youtube. I heard the guy say he heard it from some where. so i figured i'd try it. Doesn't matter to me anyways. since i don't use Physx
  13. So a gt440? I'm just wondering if it would actually bottleneck the system.
  14. sonnyd09 said:
    So a gt440? I'm just wondering if it would actually bottleneck the system.

    I posted a Video for you to watch that explains the answer you seek about a dedicated Physx card. Plus Physx is in all of like 5 games how many of those 5 do you even play on a regular basis.
  15. Yars :) Well thank you guys!
  16. Quote:
    if you read the thread you would have seen he plays metro 2033 more than anything and other PhysX games.

    Is he running quad SLI GTX 580s to even run Metro 2033 with Physx at playable frustrates and how much/long can one real play Metro an on rails single player game for theirs not much to the game really come on LOL.
  17. Quote:
    nobody has quad GTX 580's dude, c'mon now...

    Nobody can run Metro 2033 maxed ether with perfect framerates I played thru Metro on my GTX 275 and on a Radeon HD 5750 and whether Physx where on or off I could never see a deference. PS GTX 275 played Metro 2033 surprisingly well on DX9 maxed @ 1680x1050 Physx off.
  18. Quote:
    sounds like you need a better set of GPU's...
    GTX 275 and HD 5750 are/were MEH @ best anyways.

    Well GTX 275 is same power as GTX 460 1GB so it is still alright and was a great GPU in 09/11 but is now getting a bit long in the tooth but still 40fps in BF3 maxed is not bad for GTX 275. I rather spend my money on other things than just my gaming rig like Camping, Hunting, House, Quading, Racing, Girl friend, Life, etc but I may invest in a good 78xx if and when they are available if price is right $200ish. Metro is a real stickler of a game I think it sucks but the graphics are some of if not the best even still to this day imo and it real is a great benchmarking game and that is why I bought it and use it for peace out man have a great day.
  19. Actually the GTX 460 has more processing cores when comapred to the GTX 275. Also I'm running two 460's in SLI. I can see this is causing trouble, so I'll say I'm done. I may get a GT440.
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