Nvidia or ati(amd) for gpu?

im just wondering what a majority of the people here on toms use i personally am on the amd side for gpu, no fanboy antics please
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  1. i also like amd ati radeon more then nvidia but i m now using nvidia i like amd ati radeon hd cards because of its price is cheaper and ati cards are not power hungry,there performance is always being above the price it performs very well in games 1 vote for ati.
  2. Nvidia. Mainly because UDK can use the APEX modules Nvidia has created, but no, I like the cards, and will not change :P
  3. Five of my mainstream PC all using AMD cards and really working well all this year round. Value for money and good performance.
  4. +1 Nvidia, better manufacturers, mostly because of EVGA

    EDIT: can't forget about PhysX
  5. 8 years I was using Nvidia(and it was 8 problematic years) but after that I went and got AMD sapphire
    Vapor-x edition. Nvidia, never again
    my VGa barely gets 45-50C on full load with 20-30% fan speed (I have so much freedom to overclock later on)
  6. Say no to intel.

    For today's generation, 6770 and below, go and get AMD/ATi
    When you go better than 6770, go get anything you want, because it is based on personal preference only.

    My next one is going to be AMD/ATi, after nvidia, after AMD/Ati, etc, etc, etc... Just changing and changing, my current one is nvidia.

    But I voted for AMD/ATi, because they are winning in today's generation in my opinion.

    EDIT: Fix'd Grammar
  7. I think AMD probably has superior hardware but there drivers are so buggy it doesn't matter.
  8. Well Both Sides has Up's and Downs so at the end of the day they are the Same Level. Both have they're Respects and both have they're down sides. Either way AMD and NVIDIA are always winners. Intel.....eh they are behind times....I like AMD's GPU's because they are affordable and the performance you get for the money, can't be beat by NVIDIA's level'd option. Things that can be improved is Drivers. however since AMD is also a Main Processor maker and supporter. They may not have as much time to focus on driver. Now NVIDIA i like because they're cards have DX 11 Features full (Even tho most games arent fully spportive on for DX11) NVIDIA can at times also have Driver issues but......The main thing i like about NVIDIA is their community. NVIDIA and Geforce (Same thing basically) strive to make gamers feel like they have the best performance in their system, and strive to build, make and improve all of their technologies. Now however both companies are different in their own ways only things that they come into contact with is GPU's and some Mobile CPU's
  9. AMD is not buggy anymore. Now I have heard few, but probably not as bad as before. And note that nvidia's are sometimes also buggy.
  10. Actually my vote goes for nvidia, instead of nvidEa, why? performance/features/compatibility.

    i would only go for ati if i was looking for cheaper cards and/or (For now) for pci 3.0;
  11. AMD, upgraded my 8800 GT to a HD 5870, it served me extremely well for 2.5 years (aside from RAGE - the only disappointing moment) and now I'm loving my HD 7970 :)
  12. AMD/RADEON HD FTW! and Nvidia is great to they are both TOP performers but Radeon offers better Price/Performance currently which is why they get my vote today.
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