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Not sure if this is the correct area, but the main difference I'm noticing is the video card....
I'm looking for a laptop between 800-1200 that can play most games - Not a desktop replacement, but I travel a lot so I would like to be able to play WoW, SW:ToR or any of my steam games easily. (I'd expect Ultra on WoW which is simple, and decent high on SW/other games.

I found
which is truly a beast of a computer, but the headset/game make me think "Maybe I could get better...." but I truly can't find much.
The downside of the 540m - a pretty bad card over-all, but it's higher-end processor I think makes up for it.

I was comparing it to

Which is also a delightful piece of machinery. The 17" screen is nice, although a bit over-kill since I'll be traveling with it. The 560 is very nice, but the processor is less than half the speed of the Vaio. And the display is also only 900 (HD+) not FHD compared to the other.

Any of y'all have any opinions? Or feel free to link a better option laptop. Aiming for the 800-$1200 range. Thanks! (I'd prefer to stay with nVidia in terms of cards, but for a beasty laptop I wouldn't be anti-ATI
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  1. For gaming the Toshiba is massively better. The CPU is not half the speed of the Sony.
  2. Toshiba for sure is better for you because of the 560M
  3. Yea? Interesting. I was checking benchmarks comparing the CPUs

    is where I was getting the "half" from.

    The other thing that makes me wonder is the 900 resolution. Over-all I think the GPU of the Toshiba makes it better, but the resolution, behemoth monitor, and processor just made me wonder.

    Although to be honest I can't get a picture of just how big a 17" laptop would be. I remember I used to have a 19" Satellite that annoyed me. Then again, the size difference is only .7"
  4. Toshiba is better
    It's a good deal actually, I can't find any better by researching on some websites.
  5. Toshiba it is then. Alright - Thanks.
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