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Hello all,
My new CPU Case (Rosewill Future) came with 4 case fans, 2 of which had the little 3-pin connectors for connecting to the Motherboard (Asus Sabertooth Z77) and 2 of which came with the big 4-pin connectors which connect directly to the power supply. The fans all work, but the two that are direct to the power supply are always on full-blast, and are sort of noisy. I think if I buy an adaptor like this: ( ) that I'd be able to connect them to the motherboard and have the speed be variable and thus quieter when not needed at full blast. Or are these adaptors just for power and not capable of controlling fan speed? If so, are there any adaptors that are, or am I looking at buying a fan controller? Any suggestions that will allow me to run these fans more quietly would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. That one won't work because it won't plug into the MB.
    This is what you want.

    I like having a fan controller because it allows you to adjust the fans to your needs.
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    That fan connector is not what you need. It's for converting the little three pin connector to the PSU four pin connectors. I have never seen an adaptor that allows you to connect a fan that has the molex style connector to the motherboard. Even if there is one, it wouldn't give you any control over the fan speed because that type of fan doesn't have the extra wire that transmits the fan speed to the motherboard. Sounds like you need to get a fan controller.
  3. Thanks! Can you/anybody recommend any good fan controllers? All of the controllers I have read about seem to have at least some strongly negative reviews, I just want something simple to use, highish quality, and preferably at least somewhat automatic, as I wouldn't really know what rpm to set anything at.
  4. the other option is use a y cable and two new fans with the right pin out and run them from the mb. most fan controllers use the small 3/4 pin plugs.
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