Need Help, ADSL router connected to Laptop with 3G usb dongle

Hi There

I have a issue

PS3 doesn't see AD-HOC networks created by my laptop wich is running Windows 7.

I Think i might have a solution and hope someone could clarify

So the main point of entry for the internet will be by my laptop which gets it from the 3G usb dongle, then i want to run a straight Ethernet cable to the adsl router(which provides wifi aswell) and then connect my PS3 onto the Wifi created by the router.

I know i can use a crossover cable between the laptop and PS3 but would like this feature instead

Will it work?
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  1. It will work, but you need to make a few additional changes.

    1. Disable DHCP on the router.

    2. Enable ICS on the 3G connection of the laptop and associate it to the wired connection.

    3. Assign the router a static IP of

    IOW, your laptop needs to become the gateway here because your ADSL router can't (I'm pretty sure it doesn't expose a WAN port). By enabling ICS, that creates its own DHCP server for the 192.168.0.x subnet (the subnet ICS uses by default). Finally, in order to administer the ADSL router, you'll need to give it an IP address in the ICS subnet, which might as well be (ICS allocates IPs from and up).
  2. please, can you tell me more about the ICS settings?
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