Powesupplys, what should i pick

I was wondering what powersupply i should get.

The thermal take PSU is 600W though 430W is fine for by build. Which should i get, as CORSAIR appears to have more features and is concidered a better game.

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  1. of the three i would trust the corsair to deliver it's full power

    what are you planning to power with these units? your full PC specs
  2. I am going to build a 6core or 8 core bulldozer. I am putting in 3 HDDs( i have many old ones i might put in). I am also putting in a HD 6570 which i am transfering from my old pc ,however in the future when i get more money i am going to put a more high end graphics card therefore prefer the more W. Also, why do you think the corsair is better even though it is less W.
  3. review for the lower wattage of the cooler master

    it kinda states the coolermaster is still mislabeling the psu actual wattage so i would step back and not give them your business.

    as for the litepower, there isnt a review for it, but i wouldnt want to touch anything not certified under thermaltake.
  4. The Corsair PSU is the best quality of the three, however, why are you comparing three completely different wattage ratings? Each of those supplies would be used for a different system. Tell us the specs of the system that you want to build and then we can help you decide what is the best supply to use.

    DON'T cheap out on the PSU. That's the most important component in your new build. Look at it this way, would you put a motorcycle engine in your brand new SUV? I wouldn't. I would want an engine that has enough power to do what I want without the fear of getting stuck the first time I try to drive up a steep hill. Stick to good quality brands for the PSU such as Seasonic, PC power and Cooling, XFX, Corsair.
  5. the corsair is a 430w continuous power supply with 80+ efficiency and good reviews

    the thermaltake is actually a 500w continuous / 600w peak PSU and I doubt it reaches those figures. it also offers only 70+ efficiency.

    I would go with the corsair (although they say they are sold out). as is your PC isn't that demanding although that can change with a video card upgrade but the corsair can run most mid level cards.
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