8120 Heating Problems

Hey everyone! This is my first post/thread on tom's hardware. I usually find the answers to my problems on here, but I couldn't find anything this time around, so I figured I would just make an account and ask myself. :p

So I'm currently running an 8120 with a Corsair H60 cooling it. It's at stock speeds right now and idles around 30 - 35 C. The problem comes when I play Battlefield 3 the temperature can rise anywhere between 70 - 80 C. I use Thermaltake TG-1 thermal grease. I'm using an orange NZXT Phantom as my case with orange Xigmatek LED fans. My room temperature is pretty hot. It's around 30C. So I don't know if I should get a new cooler or what. But from other reviews and what not, people are able to overclock their 8120 to 4Ghz without having any heat problems. :(
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  1. What case do you use? In my experience, smaller cases can cause the CPU temp to mimic the GPU temp. That's really not too bad in a room that's already 30*C.
  2. I already mentioned I'm using the NZXT Phantom. It's full tower and really sleek. LOL
  3. Bump? Is that aloud here?
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