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I have the APU A-6 Processor. It is the triple-core processor. I am wondering since the APU is a CPU and GPU together, if it is taking away the power from the CPU, because it needs to process the GPU together.

I stream my gameplay with a blackmagic intensity Pro and Xsplit. When I stream in 720p it lags a bunch. On the computer and at twitch Tv. (Not connection)

When i look at my CPU usage its at 90-100%
When I stream in 360p its at 70%

If I buy a GPU will that take give back some power to my cpu or does that not even matter.
Or should I buy a new APU like the A-8 which is a quadcore.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. No it will not give back CPU power, APU is just CPU and GPU on the same die. Adding a more powerful card might take out the lag because it has more processing power.
  2. No. The CPU and GPU cores are basically separate units on the same chip.

    If you installed a Radeon HD 6750 or anything more powerful, then the integrated graphic core simply goes to a minimal power state. It cannot be fully turned off since it is part of the processing chip so it will draw a very small amount of power when not in use. Additionally, installing any nVidia card also switches the integrated graphic core "off".
  3. Hello AnalogSwag

    First of all buying an external GPU will have the following advantages:

    Your IGP consumes 512 MB of RAM by defualt (you can change that in the BIOS or atleast i can) so i have only 3.5 GB RAM usable and not the full 4 GB, so purchasing external GPU will help you by freeing system ram.

    If you got an external GPU then the internal GPU will disable itself and you can force it to shutdown again from the BIOS thus changing your APU to CPU only and shedding nearly ~30-40 % of the total cpu power usage, and the athlon CPU can be easily and safely overclocked to higher clocks, unlike overclocking the Internal GPU which is scary and can damage your system or other components cause there is north bridge there as well.

    Back to your main question, i have an APU and i do belive that in average day to day usage and normal scenarios the GPU and CPU wont fight each other, however remeber each APU have TDP limit, thus is you used Prime or stress testing or heavy CPU bound application, there wont be much left for the GPU to unleash and visa versa, and i saw that effect only when i was benchmarking my system, if i used GPU intensive the CPU will throttle down, but i only noticed this behavior when i was stress testing the system, i doubt you feel anything in day 2 day normal usage
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