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I opened up my desktop and wiped down the dust traps and used compressed air to get rid of some loose dust in the case. Put it all together and ever since then any speakers I connect to the PC will squeal constantly. I cannot get any other audio. I've gone through drivers and I know it's not the mic I'm stumped. A friend suggested something with grounding but no idea where to go with that. No sound card connected directly to the motherboard and even the front connectors on the tower the speakers squeal. Unplugging or turning off (obviously) stops the noise. So it's coming from somewhere inside the desktop.
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  1. So, without any speakers plugged in, are you still hearing a squeaking sound from within the desktop? Is this with side panel on or off? Did you blow a clod of dust into a fan somewhere? If you're saying a squeaking sound is coming out of speakers (rather than music), perhaps you need to clean out audio ports.
  2. Audio ports are clean made sure all the dust is out of the fans and everything. The sound is for sure coming from the speakers and not the computer. Case is closed everything is as it should be except for this squeaking/squealing.
  3. Speakers are plugged into onboard audio rear panel or front panel? If front panel, is front panel connector firmly plugged into motherboard audio header?

    Unless by some spooky coincidence your speakers decided to crap out right after you cleaned out your case, seems like you blew some connector loose or something like that. Can you try another set of speakers in both front/back jack and see if you get similar effect, or try plugging into the different ports for front or rear speakers (2.1 or 5.1 channel)?
  4. tried different speakers and tried the front and back panel. stereo 2.1 and same effect. tried connecting the speakers to other devices and work just fine. I am completely and utterly baffled.
  5. You had to have knocked something loose on the board from blowing directly on it, do you see any connections on the board that look like they were affected?
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