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I have been working on an older system and cannot get the graphics card set up quite right. I am trying to use an AGP ATI radeon 7000 on an ASUS P4PE motherboard with a pentium 4 2.0 ghz pcu. It works fine when I install the card in the AGP slot and actually works better before I install the drivers. It can play a video in VLC with allright quality before i install the drivers. I get the drivers from ati/amds website I install them and it seems to work fine however afterwards I cannot play video at all. It just hands up I get only audio clips. I also have an Radoen 7500 AGP card which I have tryed installing and uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers and it gives me the same issue. Any ideas?
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  1. I have tried both with and without the chipset drivers and it doesn't seem to make a difference. Frankly I cant understand why It would work better without the drivers. I understand its card but its less than a decade I should be able to use it with XP. Ive heard the Asus P4PE doesnt like alot of graphics cards, maybe its something to do with my motherboard because it doesnt like the raoden 7000 the 7500 or my geforce mx420. Its a similar issue with the mx420, works allright without the drivers but the PC crashes when I try to install the drivers, goes to a blue screen and tells me it could be an issue with the drivers or the device.

    I don't believe all three of these cards are faulty especially because they work better before the drivers are installed. I have used another one in a PC before and watched videos on a tv with s video just cant remember which one it was. I am leaning towards it being a motherboard issue now...
  2. When you say "works without the drivers" you are indeed using the generic VGA driver that comes with Win XP. It is about as basic as it gets.

    You likely have some botched ATI and Nvidia drivers from the earlier installs. Google, download, and install driver sweeper. Use it to remove all existing ATI and Nvidia drivers. Upon completion, reinstall the ATI drivers.

    Try again.
  3. Yes that's what I was trying to convey I should have been more clear. It installs just fine as a standard graphics adapter. I actually tried setting the system up with windows 7 at first. Managed to install the video drivers and it was the same issue so I figured going back to XP would make it way simpler. Not always the case.

    I am open to trying that software however, I realized after trying to uninstall and reinstall multiple drivers there might have been an issue with everything not being removed properly so I have actually reformatted my drive and reinstalled windows XP multiple times. Each time I would try either the Radeon 7500, 7000 or the Nvidia MX420. Each time it would install fine and in device manager whichever card I tried to install would show up listed as radoen 7000 or radoen 7500 or geforce mx420 instead of standard graphics adapter. Also, during the installation of the ATI drivers I got some kind of message saying I needed to install network framework 2.0. So I tried that and no difference either.
  4. Yes, you need the proper updates applied to XP BEFORE you install the video drivers. The best way to do this is to perform a clean install of XP, then install all updates and service packs. When there are no more updates to install, then install the video drivers.
  5. Ok I actually had not done that. I will try that later and report back. Also thanks for your responses, much appreciated. :)
  6. Letting windows XP install all of the available updates also did not resolve my issue.
  7. Did you re-install the video drivers after applying all of the updates? Also, is your Flash Player and VLC fully up to date?
  8. BTW, what resolution are you trying to play videos at?
  9. It doesn't matter, ive tryed multiple resolutions. 800x600 to 1280x1024.
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