Xfx 7970 build FIRST TIME

Here is my Newegg.com wishlist

plus i2550k, since it was bundled with a warranty, cant be added to the wishlist

I got an over the top psu with hopes of one day getting another xfx 7970 in crossfire

this is my first build, are there any glaring problems with what I chose?

im skipping the HDD for now, I think I can get by on a 128 for now

600T case had good reviews and seems legit

I have no real budget for this build, just want to play bf3 and other games and getting sick of ps3/xboxs BS
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  1. You will see no performance gain with the i5-2550k. Once OCed, both the 2550k and the 2500k will be the same in performance.
  2. thanks. the only reason I was doing it was new egg threw in the warrenty. and it was only 10 bucks more.
  3. You lose out on the on-board graphics.
  4. the 2500k it is then haha

    thanks again
  5. What is your PSU brand, model number, and wattage?
  6. The 750W might be under the recommended for 2x 7970. Maybe consider the HX850.
  7. that has def been a though in the back of my mind if I chose to upgrade in the future... i knew it was close but i have no experience to base it off of....
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