Heat issue

My system:

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Intel i7 950
Corsair Dominator 12GB (2GBx6)
AMD Radeon 6800
Corsair 850W
1x SSD 2x HDD

The problem:

During the warmer months here in Arizona, and during the warmer times of the day, when I turn off the monitor, I hear the "you have disconnected something" sound that Windows makes when you unplug a piece of hardware. When I turn the monitor back on, it does not receive a signal and goes into standby mode. Ctrl+Alt+Del will do nothing, it's as if the machine has gone into a coma. When the area cools back down enough, turning the monitor back on will cause the "you have connected a piece of hardware" sound from Windows will occur, and the display will come back on, usually with any browser windows that were open now resized to default. I basically can't turn the machine off if the room is warm, because it will stay off all afternoon. The machine never does this while "in use" with the monitor on - it won't just black out in the middle of something. If I do a hard shutdown when I can't get the display back, then turn it right back on while it's still warm, it will result in no signal to the monitor, and the system does not sound like it's attempting to boot. If I turn it off and let it cool down, it will turn back on and boot normally.

Have tried replacing:

Video Card
PSU (with a 1200W Cooler Master high end, which is in the machine now)

No luck. The issue persists exactly as before.

Everything that can be done to reduce the room temperature has been done. Where do I go from here? If everything is getting enough power (I thought for sure the PSU was it - loss of efficiency while hot causing the video card to lose power or something), the only thing I can think of is a component shutting itself down as a defense mechanism because of the heat. The CPU? I don't know. Anyone familiar with this issue?

Edit: A couple other notes; my CPU is at 44c right now. Not bad. So I don't know how that could be it. I don't know how to test the GPU temperature, but I don't see how it could be over the line. Also, this is not an intermittent issue. It happens every day now when it gets warm. It's not unexpected. If I turn the monitor off right now, it won't come back on until I do something drastic to cool the room, and it will take a while to cool enough. I also don't use any kind of standby functions.
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  1. Run hwmonitor and then turn off the monitor and then get it back on and report back with the cpu and gpu temps. Maybe its overheating somehow when you turn the screen off.
  2. Before and (after) according to hwmonitor.

    Core 0: 44 (42)
    Core 1: 46 (40)
    Core 2: 44 (41)
    Core 3: 42 (39)

    46 (48)

    I turned the monitor off almost two hours ago. I checked the temps right before I did - that's the first number. It wouldn't turn back on until just now, and I checked the temps again right away, that's the second number. The computer has been idle the whole time. Only the temperature in the room had changed.

    The only other thing worth noting is that if I turn my printer on/off while the monitor won't turn on, I'll here the Windows sounds for detecting new hardware/removed hardware, which is strange because the computer doesn't seem to respond to anything else during the time the monitor won't turn back on.
  3. do you have the ability to put a clean hard drive in and install windows to eliminate all software possibilities?
  4. what is your power settings for sleep/hibernate?
  5. I don't. But I'm not sure what it would be. It's getting warmer in this room so it's starting up again (it did the exact same thing last year; I replaced the video card to no avail). Tried the monitor and PSU so far this year. Still the same as it ever was.
  6. Anonymous said:
    what is your power settings for sleep/hibernate?

    I'm not sure what you mean by this exactly, but I have everything set to 'Never' sleep/hibernate if that's what you mean.
  7. yeah it was . . . .just a shot.

    aside from the heat issue, which it is, it sounds like a driver problem but that it only happens when it gets warmer is a head scratcher.
    btw, i always turn off my monitor also but never hear the disconnected device sound . .
  8. Anonymous said:
    yeah it was . . . .just a shot.

    aside from the heat issue, which it is, it sounds like a driver problem but that it only happens when it gets warmer is a head scratcher.
    btw, i always turn off my monitor also but never hear the disconnected device sound . .

    Yeah, I don't know what that means. I always turn off my monitor as well. But it only makes the connect/disconnect sounds when the machine is having this issue. During the cooler months, it doesn't make that sound when I turn it on and off. Now, whenever I have my speakers on and I hear the disconnect sound when I turn the monitor off, I know it won't turn back on, even if I try immediately.
  9. Anyone have any idea on which part is getting too hot and causing this? It takes quite a while to drive across town to Frys and get a new PSU or heatsink or whatever and drive back and install it. I'm hoping someone knows someone who's familiar with the issue so I know which component I need to target.
  10. take off the side of the case. get a $20 box fan and have it blow into the case to keep the temp down.

    as you said, don't replace anything else until your sure. sorry i can't be more of a help.
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