Boot Looping/freezing problems CPU/RAM suspects

I recently made a thread introducing myself and made a monologue of my story with my build(its long if you wanna read that its here: Here im giving it short and straight up:

I recently built a PC for the first time and since i've had stability problems with multiple causes, mostly system locking up randomly and boot looping, my specs:

ASRock H55DE3
Crucial Ballistix Tactical PC10600 1333 2GB
Intel Core i5 750
Antec BP550 Plus
Radeon HD 6870

I will make some notes so that you are aware: the CPU socket had two pins slightly out of alignment but not bent or broken off, I also made the mistake of putting the CMOS in CLEAR while turning PC on (bout 3 times), the PSU makes a high frequency pitch when the board is boot looping(found out its normal). The old GPU I had used before my new one came(Geforce 8500 GT) causes the system to crash and freeze randomly I found out, and even causes the board to downclock the RAM, the card itself "seems" to be fine since tested in another PC. Every time I try to set something in the RAM timings the PC locks up and the board speaker beeps continuously(but bios appears to be still running since screen doesnt freeze).This also happens without me even touching the RAM settings with the 8500 Gt in. In Windows the System locks up n freezes every time I use Hyper PI, even freezes randomly in bios and during POST, cant use RAM slots A2 and B2(blue ones closest to CPU)

The boot looping has been happening since day one(well after the CLEAR CMOS accident according to me) its frequent and few in between, I usually leave it on boot looping until it comes on after boot looping 20-100 times. since I turned off SPEEDSTEP however, it doesnt seem to do that Im finding out now(more testing needed)...I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Can u get to BIOS at all?
  2. Clear the CMOS the correct way!

    Reset the CMOS memory the right way as is described in the motherboard manual using the clear CMOS link with the power cord unplugged.
    And when the battery is out, press the power button to discharge all the electricity from the system.
    How To Clear CMOS @
  3. what are your CPU temps? is the heatsink secured properly?
  4. It could be a BIOS problem. Not sure, but at this point it's worth a try. Have you updated the bios to version 2.80?
  5. Yes my bios is updated to 2.80, I've been reseting CMOS like a bad habit..doesnt change anything. May I also note that I used ASRock's Instant Flash utility in the bios to update, (dont know if thats an influence to the problem)

    I would like to update my findings as well. I used HWMonitor to see the core temps and it looks like this:

    SYSTIM 30C
    CPUTIM 47C
    AUXTIM 124C.....!?!?!?!?!

    theres nothing that hot in the case(from what I checked) bad sensors? Its a hit and miss on POST's right now, but what the PC will do when it doesnt POST is throttle the fans form what I hear(from the HD 6870) up and down from max to idle, or sometimes just run at max like something is hot or something.
  6. aux is usually the NB oor maybe the VRMs. I would suspect it is a true reading as you are having problems that sound like heat issues.

    ignore it if you want but they have these sensors for a reason...
  7. can the motherboard even survive a temperature like that???? thats why im skeptical on that, something would have melted or something. ive been using the PC for like 3 or 4 days now since it started boot looping again(stopped after turning off SpeedStep). One more thing, when the CPU temp goes up that AUX temp goes down, it averages at 125 and goes down to 80 when CPU is at 55 or so. I know sensors can malfunction and I dont know where that part is yet(if somebody can point it to be on my motherboard model that would be great). its running normally as of now but still freezes randomly(and when using Hyper PI)
  8. ^^ well that does make me less confident that the sensor is working properly.

    OH, and yes, chips can survive that temp potentially, just not operate properly. It will degrade the solder for sure, though less now with the "leadless" solder they use now (to comply with WEEE and other directives). I have seen VRM temps on a 4870x2 go above that temp and when properly couple to the heatsink work fine within their operating temps after experiencing that.
  9. I am leaning towards a RAM problem but I need confirmation from an experienced person
  10. Just made a new discovery, I run Prime 95 regular FFT tests that dont test RAM, the PC doesnt freeze, but if I test with RAM it does. I also ran Memtest in fail safe mode when it was freezing and it went through, after that it stopped for a while. Also, when I put the RAM in slots A2 and B2(the blue ones) the PC doesnt POST, stays on for exactly 15 seconds and cuts off(loud click form PSU) and repeats the cycle until I switch the RAM to A1 or B1. I ran memtest and the Prime 95 with RAM and they both checked out(when it wasnt freezing). I set the command address rate to 2T(it was AUTO at first) and some of the random frequent freezing has stopped(still freezes though) this is another note i'll put out there for someone to advise me anything they need to.
  11. looks like I found part of the problem, the voltage rating at my house circuits is 240v not 115v....!?!?!?!? the motherboard was constantly going back n forth between those settings with the Universal Input PSU, thats why it was boot looping.
  12. Now I have a new problem. I suspect now that the RAM is incompatible with the board sine it was constantly freezing everywhere and getting memory errors when trying to set timings. the last time the board was on was when I has set the RAM to its stock speed when I tried to overclock the CPU(at stock voltage) CPU went from 2.66 GHZ to 3.4 I think. I had set the RAM back to its stock from 665(512 stock) MHZ back to 667(1800 overclocked). the board stopped POSTing ever since then, it still turns on and all the components are running since I feel heat from them, but no POST. an area in the top right corner of the board above the RAM slots, there are two chips that get very hot while board is on, I am suspecting the board is in some kind of error loop but I need some help

    I know this aint CPU related and if a moderator could move this to the appropriate section that would be great, I really need some insight as to what I could do.
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