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Hello Tom's community!

I'm looking to set up my own home network with 2 routers :
1) linksys router WRT320N
2) d-link dir300

I'm living in a house with 4 other university students + me. We all owns a laptop(5) and a smartphone(5).
2 of us have a gaming desktop and we also have 1 ps3 and 1 xbox. We also using our network to share contents like music and video.

For a total of 14 devices on our network. I also have to consider friends of the house who sometimes brought their laptops and smartphones too.

I was thinking about isolating one network containing our 5 laptops for studying with all the smartphones connected to the D-link which is connected to the internet throught IPv4.

Public IPv4 class C
D-link (174.x.x.x) WAN / LAN (
------PS3 ( <-- DHCP reserved
------Xbox360 ( <-- DHCP reserved
------Gaming PC-1 ( <-- DHCP reserved
------Gaming PC-2 ( <-- DHCP reserved
------Friends Laptops/smartphones ( to <-- DHCP auto-assign
------Linksys ( WAN / LAN (2001:0500:A5B2::100) <-- DHCP reserved
--------------Laptop-1 (2001:0500:A5B2:100::1)
--------------Laptop-2 (2001:0500:A5B2:100::2)
--------------Laptop-3 (2001:0500:A5B2:100::3)
--------------Laptop-4 (2001:0500:A5B2:100::4)
--------------Laptop-5 (2001:0500:A5B2:100::5)

What do you guys think ?
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  1. I'm sorry lol I talked about WRT320N but it actually doesnt support IPv6.
    I meant to say D-Link dir-655
  2. should work as long you not trying to share data between the laptops and the game stations
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