Very Odd CPU Problem

So, I bought a AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE. I'll admit, I'm not the best at computer hardware and installing it. However, I watched several videos and did everything as I was supposed while installing this processor.

So I placed the processor in the AM3 socket (with ease) and then applied the stock heat sink. There was some force involved with getting the clips on. But no more force than what I saw on the videos. I hooked everything back up and got nothing. :(

I ruled out PSU. I got no beeps. I took the ram out and turned it on - nothing. Fans would spin and that is it.

After a couple of hours of trying different things, I finally had something very odd happen. My mobo would POST when the heat sink was plugged into the mobo, but NOT attached to the processor. As a matter of fact, if I sat it on top of the processor, it would work. HOWEVER, if I secured the clips, the system would freeze in the BIOS. My stomach sank when this happened. ALSO, my old processor would not even work in the socket anymore.

Just as I was about to just quit, I tried something else. I hooked the HD back up and let windows boot with the heat sink just sitting on top of the processor. With Windows up, I secured the clips. NO FREEZE. My PC has been working fine since then. It will shutdown completely...and turn right back on. No problems. What in the world is going on? Also, the mobo is not sensitive to movement. I have tapped the sides...moved the tower around with the system on, no problems. I'm so confused right now. At least my new processor is working, and is very fast I might add.

Also, the new cpu is idling at 34-42C. However, when I stream a moderately demanding game on xsplit, the temps jump to 62-68C. I'm considering changing heat sinks, but I'm scared that it will stop working again.

Does anyone have any idea why these events would occur. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Possible bad socket/motherboard.
    When you were able to start windows with the heatsink off, the processor was able to warm up the contacts and pins on the socket enough to get it running properly.
    You should take the CPU back off and check the contacts on both the chip and the socket for any dirt/crap that might be in there.

    If you start having problems again, it's more than likely bad socket.
  2. Also, the temps are not that bad.
  3. Agree with memadmax. It sounds like a flaky connection.
  4. You didn't apply any thermal paste to the cpu? You must put the termal paste at the center of the cpu first then attach the cooler to the processor and must not move it or remove it again keep it stable, secured the clips and boot.

    I can imagine the possibility not to open the clip wide as the cpu dosen't need much force to be pluged to the socket you can do it with 1 finger so what happend nobady can tell for sure.
  5. whatever force was applied might have constricted or bent something around(or in) the socket, get HWMonitor,CPU-Z and check you voltages/RAM speeds. make note of the default voltages/clock speeds and settings for the system and look for anything irregular. Another thing you could try is see if anything was/is shorting the mobo from behind near the socket.
  6. Thanks to everyone for the quick replies. That's awesome.

    I left the system off all night for testing purposes. I turned it on this morning and, within 30 minutes, I got a BSOD. Restarted and the system was freezing in the bios. I removed the clips from the bracket and it booted just fine. Yeah, looks like the socket is bad.

    I also placed my old processor in the socket just to rule out the processor, and it wouldn't even post... not even with the heat sink off. The fans just ran. I found this odd. Anyone have an idea why my old processor wouldn't even work with the heat sink off?

    Well, I decided to purchase a new mobo, power supply, and case. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can be up and running soon.

    You guys think I did the right thing? Thanks.

    Oh.. and yes I did have thermal paste in between the HS and the cpu.

    Thanks, again!
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  8. Update.... I put the new processor back in the sketchy socket with heat sink unclipped and it booted again. Maybe my old processor is dead now? Idk. It won't do anything.

    My new phenom should be fine right? I'd hate to get the new mobo and stuff just to find out that it is a mobo slayer.... Lol it seems to work....

    I just don't know:( time will tell. New gear will be here soon.
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  10. Please don't bump posts, it's against the rules here.

    There's nothing that your CPU can do to the rest of the system. Just don't worry about that. It sounds like it's a good cpu.
  11. Sorry ! Didn't know. Thanks for your reply. I'm hoping for the best . I have a certified guy coming to put everything together for me.

    Thanks again!
  12. Maybe resetting the bios to factory before you add the old cpu can help. The possibility the bios is set using the voltage of the new cpu, multiplier is the problem and not enough volts are going to the old CPU pins.

    Slight possibility but my opinion is not worth to try. Have good time your new system is not good to mess around all the time. You can find a friend of your and test it in there, I mean if you trying to shell it I understand.
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