Failure after inserting graphic card, i5, ASUS P8Z68 ...

I have i5 2500k i ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3. I've tried to insert graphic card Gainward Phantom 560ti ... Everything was working well before that.
When I did it I got the following scenario:

Coolers start to work, CPU_LED works for one moment and stops, DIMM_LED is working constantly. After 5-6 seconds CPU_LED blinks and computer shuts down and right after turns on it self. CPU_LED works for a second than stops and, ater that nothing happens. Screen is black, coolers are working, DIMM_LED working, ....

When I pulled out the graphic card and make everything the same as was before, I got the IDENTICAL scenario.

Could someone help me?

P.S. Sorry about my English.
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  1. Did you power off or disconnect the PSU from the outlet before inserting the new video card? Make sure that all cables are fully inserted.
  2. Yes, I did it for sure. I also checked cables few times.
  3. ill tell you to make sure that you connect the power cables on the graphics card... sounds like gpu is not getting power
  4. I pulled out graphic card, so now it should work like it was before, without graph. card. But I have the same symptoms.
  5. Try resetting the CMOS.
  6. Thank you all for help.
    Finally, it was just a memory. I removed one slot, return it back, and everything works fine.
  7. It wasn't fully inserted?
  8. Not sure, I did not touch it when I was inserting VGA, but who knows
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