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Which case is better?

Hey guys. Making a new build and was wondering which case is better.

Cases: AeroCool Xone, Cooler Master Elite 431 Plus, CoolerMaster Elite 430, CMaster Elite 371, Antec Six Hundred, AeroCool StrikeX.

Specs: (if needed)
Intel Core i5 2320
Asus H67 M-LE
Zotac GTX560 OC
Silverstone ST50F 500W

If you guys need more info just post. :D
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  1. agreed
  2. Good choice. But the AeroCool StrikeX comes with 3 fans and the CM 371 doesnt include any, so what do you think?
  3. i think buy your own and mount them. i mounted 4 today in under 10 mins, and you get to have the balance of light, sound and airflow that you want
  4. I know you didn't ask but the Zalman Z9 Plus is a good but fairly cheap case. I got mine from Amazon for £45 and it comes with 4 fans and space for 3 more, it also has a small fan controller on the front (which admittedly isn't brilliant) and a temperature display. There's also 2 holes for watercooling and enough space for a 290mm GPU. Personally I love mine.
  5. I'd go with these: cases
  6. Just a thott but at the same I price I'd go with
  7. Well, a Corsair case seems to be recommended. So, 300R? :D Although still considering that AeroCool, is it even a good brand? What do you think about this one:
  8. I was going to say 300R windowed but thought of seeing how much your wallet would expand :) upon seeing that link :P
  9. Well thats cheaper by around $40 lol. XD Idk if the AeroCool is costly over there, but its cheap around here.

    yeah that case does cost a lil more on your side. But you'll be really glad you shelled out on a case like the 300R and ofc once bought you can start building your rig without worry :P
  11. Oh and while im on this forum, is this a good PSU?
    It doesnt include a power cord though, dunno what that is xD Im thinking its the plug or something.
  12. for a GTX 560 I'd want to get myself a 550~600W PSU that has cablemanagement and atleast 80+ bronze efficiancy
  13. Builds gonna cost me more than I thought o.o Can you try to find any good case under 3000Php at Got the PSU covered, getting this:
  14. Best answer
    i found this: and your mobo is also mATX :)
    but do a lil review digging on that 100 case :)

    PSU checks out fine, in fact sine the budget on your case has reduced, might want to get another higher priced PSU of the same wattage...?

    on second thoughts
    case: - my first choice (and keep the silverstone PSU intact)
  15. Well, Im going to go with the X One Advance. I like the idea of it having an included fan and USB 3.0 :D You think its okay already? Site says it has good cable management. :)
  16. will choose fractal arc mini with my eyes closed :)

    stock fans are really crappy, esp if you see that it comes with a cheap price tagged case - no offence but that just means they are bad. Invest some time and money to pick up good case fans :)

    ^ would stay away form the aerocool cases.
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  18. Ok then, I was able to squeeze in a few bucks from my family and and I can buy that Mini :D Thanks for your help!
  19. good on ya mate!+thank you for BA vote.
  20. good luck :)
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