COOLER MASTER Silent Pro M2 520w Modular PSU

I would like to know if anyone has used this power supply, it just seems strange that there are not any reviews out there.
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  1. its bronze certified and a 5 year warranty, which is the same as my 650w gx by cooler master. id say its not the top of the line but its not bad
  2. Thanks for the reply, I have to choose between this and the Antec HGC 520 Modular. I know the Antec is a little bit older, but might be higher quality, and I need it to be silent and cool as it is going in a mini itx gaming build.
  3. id go with the cooler master, its bronze certified which means its at least 80% efficient, whereas the antec isnt bronze certified
  4. That's not even fair, the Antec HCG is made by Seasonic which features much better components.
  5. Thanks for the responses, my main two requirements are reliability and low noise so how do these two compare in that department?

    They will be inside a Cooler Master Elite 120 ITX case, with a Xeon E3 1230v2 processer (with a Cooler Master Gemini II S524 heat sink) and a MSI 7850 GPU. I am going with some corsair vengeance low profile, low voltage RAM and I am undecided on whether to have a SSD to go with my HDD.
  6. The HCG features a very silent fan, I own one myself.
  7. both will be low noise, and the antec may have seasonic components, but its still got about a 20% rma rate. cooler master has a better strike rate, and get better reviews for this model than antec does for theirs. you cant always assume seasonic = better
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    The CM Silent Pro series well reviewed and the lower power units are made by a very reputable OEM, Enhance Electronics. The M2 520 is made by an OEM with a very poor reputation, Seventeam, and there aren't an good reviews. Given the choice between those two PSUs I would go with the Antec HCG 520 without a hesitation or second thought. The Impulsegamer "Review" doesn't test the PSUs electrical performance. Where's the efficiency numbers? Noise/ripple numbers? Can it deliver its claimed power at normal and the higher rated temps? That review is a joke. I'm not saying the MII is a bad PSU, just that there are no good reviews and it's made by a poor OEM mfr. Again...I'd go for the HCG 520 without a hesitation or regret.
  9. I didn't even want to comment on that review!
  10. The Antec High Current Gamer HCG-520M uses an 13.5cm, 2BB, ADDA ADN512MB-A90. This fan, in the non-modular version (which is exactly the same minus the modular interface), was measured spinning at 600RPM in idle and rises to 1800RPM on full load.

    I'd say based on the fan curves I've seen that it is quiet up until about 60/70% (300W) load.

    Whereas CM claim that the fan speed range of the SPM2 520W is 900-1300RPM, so better in load, slightly worse in idle.
    CM claim that it uses a Hydraulic Dynamic bearing (which would be better than 2BB), but according to this TPU review (assuming the 1000W and 520W model use the same fan) it's not really a HDB fan, but a Hysint fan. Even so this bearing type is quieter than ball/sleeve.

    joluk44 might not be right about the CM SPM2 series units, but he is right that being a Seasonic unit doesn't automatically make it better than competitors.
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  12. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply to my question, I am going to go with the Antec HCG 520M.
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