Upgrade from Ati 5770

Well I would like to upgrade my graphic card, I got two cards that I like but I am free for some more advice.

This are the two cards:

1. VGA VTX ATI HD6850 1GB X-Edition 165€

Or some other kind of graphic card, I am mostly playing Online games and the latest games around on a resolution of 1680x1050 :)
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  1. Out of the two, I would personally go with the 6850 but I would suggest you save a little more and get a 6870 or above. A 6850 is better than a 5770but not by as much as you would think.
  2. Right, thanks for your reply :)
  3. Hey,
    You would be upgrading but not by much!
    Can you crossfire on your board. 5770's crossfired get you a 5870!!!
    Plus 5770's must be super cheap on Ebay by now!
    If you're in Western Canada I'll even sell you one of mine. I have 3. Only one in use.
  4. Thanks for the advice, well I am from Europe :)
    Will see what I can do to get a better upgrade :)
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