Antec 302 or Phantom 410? Also, good PSU?

Hey, I am doing all I can to cut down costs of my gaming rig, and I've decided to go for a cheaper case, the Antec 302. It costs 20 bucks less than the one that I originally chose, the Phantom 410. The problem is, the Antec 302 doesn't have the aestheics of the Phantom, nor has a window in its side panel.
The looks are an important part for me. Another thing, is the OCZ Modxstream PSU good or should I get another one? I saved quite a lot from the first one that I chose, like 40 €.
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  1. And I've found another case that is even cheaper than the Antec but looks fairly better, the Aerocool X Warrior. It has a side window but less fans.
  2. The OCZ ModXstream are a decent quality PSU; not the best but they are ok. What are your system specs and what PSU do you intend on getting? Overall budget and budget for case/PSU? As far as cases get what you pay for. Here is a positive review from a German site: What you usually get for this price range is poor coatings, poorly engineered products, and lots of cheap/easily breakable plastic. I would go for the 302 or maybe the Antec One. Answer the budget questions and we can help you adjust your build accordingly.
  3. I am trying to cut down costs as much as possible, but for the case and PSU I'm seeking for prices under 100. Originally I chose the NZXT Phantom 410 and Corsair TX750M, then the Antec 302 and the OCZ PSU. The thing is, I'm looking for good aesthetics (windows in side panel, LEDs, overall design, etc)
    and also a decent price. I've also read reviews about the Aerocool one, and I've seen that it's a good one, but for it's price not the best.

    System specs:

    Intel i5 3570k
    Gigabyte Windforce 670
    Asrock Z77 Extreme4
    G.Skill Ripjaws 2x4 GB 1600
    OCZ ModXstream 600 W
    Aerocool X Warrior/ or what fits me best
    Crucial M4 128 GB
    WD Caviar Blue 500 GB
    LG GN22NS90 24x
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
  4. What about the monitor? Single or multi-monitor? Resolution? You don't need to go with the GTX670 unless you're gaming on multi-monitor or at resolutions over 1920x1048 and are planning on primarily FPS games...

    Take a look at the Coolermaster Storm Enforcer cases, too. How much are you paying for the ModXstream 600W? My suggstion on the case/PSU is to buy high quality parts now; don't put $1000 worth of parts in a <$50 case and a $40 PSU. Great PSU for an awesome deal is the Seasoic M12II-520: 15% off, free shipping...but just went out of stock. The non-modular version, S12II-520 is a great deal: - my PSU recommendation is either of those. Under $60 for that quality of PSU is outstanding. I may not be the best person for case recommendations...i'm not a fan of side windows, LEDs, or bling in my cases. I prefer quiet, cool operation in a sturdy, well-engineered case made of quality materials.
  5. I live in Spain, so I can't buy there. The PSU costs like 63 €. Single monitor, and resolution is going to be 1920x1080 and I'm going to play games like BF3, Crysis 1, 2 and 3 and also maybe Battlefield 4.
  6. Give us a site where we look at the options and make recommendations.
  7. XFX are usually a great deal in the the XFX Core 550W in your budget range? It's usually round 50 Euros or less; great PSU for the price and more than enough power for your PC.
  8. I'm going to buy almost if not all of the parts in this site:
    And I'll see that PSU.
  9. Okay, thanks. What about the case?
  10. Coolermaster HAF 912 / Storm Enforcer / CM 690 II, Antec 300 or 302, Corsair 300R, NZXT Phantom 410. If you're looking for good at a low price, then I would go for one of the Antec or the Corsair 300R.
  11. Thanks, you've helped me a lot. I think I'll go back to the Phantom, but I'll see your alternatives.
  12. Glad i could help - have a great day!
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