New Build for $1000

I want to know what you guys think of the new computer that i going to get and if I should replace any other items before i get them

My Budget Range:is $1,000

Purchase Date 4/16/2012

I want to this computer so i would be able to game on it.

Parts Not Required: keyboard , Mouse, speakers, OS and hard drive.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:


CPU Cooler:




Graphics card:

Power supply:

Country: USA

Overclocking: YES

Crossfire: Yes when I have more money

Monitor Resolution:1920x1200
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  1. Your links don't work. We can't help you :/
  2. Put them all in a public wishlist so we can help you better.
  3. Case: If you want/need a full tower, go for it. Otherwise, a HAF 912 or a Corsair 400R is also nice.
    CPU cooler: Just step up to a 212 Evo... at this point, it's worth it.
    CPU: Can you wait 13 days until IB is released? If not, then this is a nice (great, really) CPU.
    Mobo: Kind of pricey. Try an ASRock Extreme3 Gen3. If you're going to wait for IB, buy the Extreme4 Z77.
    RAM: It's nice, but 16GB isn't necessary unless you edit a lot of video (like... a LOT) or use Photoshop a lot. Otherwise, get 8GB.
    GPU: Great choice.
    PSU: I don't think you need 950W... but the maker you have selected is a great deal. Try... 600W? Maybe a little more...
  4. How much is intel Ivy Bridge going to cost?
  5. Same as SB when it released.
    i5-3570k: $225-230
    i7-3770k: $325-330
  6. I would really wait for IB... I think it's worth it. Many people will tell you it's not, but when it boils down to the 10% performance increase and way (and I mean WAY) better IGP, it's worth it. The power usage doesn't really matter, since it's geared towards the mobile market.
  7. Technically, but you'll want to go with a Z77 chipset motherboard... it's ideal. Yours is Z68. Unless there are extreme circumstances, try for a Z77. I'd recommend the ASRock Extreme4
  8. You need a Z77 MOBO like the one above to reap the full benefits of Ivy Bridge.
  9. I read review and about it and they said its not good for overclocking
  10. It will OC 17% better than its SB counterpart.
  11. Quote:
    It will OC 17% better than its SB counterpart.

    What review? Not all reviewers are equally... reputable. We'll leave it at that.

    I do want to say that tomshardware is a great reviewer (and I'm saying this unbiased by the fact that we're on their forums). They have a great testing environment. But you also have to remember that not everything Intel advertises is 100% true... if Intel says it OCs 17% better, I'm going to assume it OCs about 12% better (on average). Sure, some chips will OC 17% better. I DO think it will OC better than SB, though...
  12. The review sites I use are TH, Anand, TechPowerUp, Guru3D, and HardOCP.
  13. Yeah, I'd go with azeem40... not just because he's an "addict" :p , but because he's got quite a few sources. All I know are Anand, TechPowerUp, and HarOCP, but all three are very reputable. Sometimes some "sources" are not very reliable because of bias or bad testing conditions.
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