Sapphire HD Radeon 6850 2 GB problem.

Hello all,

I have searched all around google, youtube, almost everything to fix my problem. The last thing I could do is trying to get an answer here.

I recently bought a completely new computer. Everything seems to be fine, until I tried to play a game. Crysis 2 runs great after 5 minutes of play or so. The less GPU intensive games, like League of Legends, doesn't work so well. After 5 minutes some of the artifacts and glitches will eventually go away, but it still remains for a little bit.
Every time I try to play a game the screen just tears up all of the, what it seems, models in the game. Just weird lines to the sides of my screen.

I also tried Furmark to test it. The donut is a bit glitchy in the first few seconds but I noticed that when the GPU is around 50 Celsius the glitches and artifacts just go away and everything runs smoothly. I have tried multiple times and this is seriously standing out by itself. So, my question is: is there a way to fix this?

Also, it idles at approximately 30 Celsius, under load it doesn't go higher than 60 Celsius. High performance power plan enabled. Tried vertical sync, everything I could find on the internetz.

My specifications:

M5a99x EVO Motherboard
Sapphire HD Radeon 6850 2 Gb GPU ( With all the newest drivers )
OCZ ZS Series 750 Watt
8 GB 1600 Mhz RAM
Windows 7 64 bit OS
Western Digital 500 GB 7200 RPM Hard drive

Best regards,

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  1. You might try using different power cables. What I mean by that is some of the new cards have adapters for the two six pin connections. Maybe try to use those instaed of the standard power supply six pin connections. Other than that, I am not sure what your problem could be. You might also want to make sure the card is plugged snug into the mobo.
  2. Thanks for your answer, never even thought about using those cables. I'll try and do that tomorrow! I have by the way checked if the card is correctly in the mobo, It's perfectly fine and no dust in it whatsoever.
  3. So it has issues at low temp. That's weird. Probably a defective card. You should try contacting either the retailer or the manufacturer about the issue and they can probably get you a replacement.

    I can't really think of what else might cause such an issue.
  4. ^^^^^^^
    If my suggestion does not work, you shoudl RMA it, like he suggests. Good luck!
  5. I'm back and I tried the cable, the GPU just went totally insane. Spinning like a maniac plus the beeps on startup. So I put the old PCI-express cable in from the supply and now works again, though still the same problem.

    Maybe I have overlooked something, but I'm bringing this thing back to the retailer and hope to get a good one that actually works.

    Thanks for the help and best of luck.

    Best regards,

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